ASAI briefing on new advertising code, review & presentation download


The ASAI & IAB Ireland held a special briefing for IAB Ireland members in Dublin on the 20th of January. The purpose of the briefing was to outline the areas of the new ASAI advertising code for Ireland (7th Edition, which will come into effect on the 1st of March, 2016), with a particular emphasis on Digital and Online.

During the briefing, Orla Twomey, the new Chief Executive of the ASAI covered the main additions to the code, changes with existing sections of the code and highlighted the particular area’s which may impact digital marketing and advertising. Throughout the session, IAB Members had the opportunity to ask questions, clarifying the nuances of the code in relation to digital operations.

Download the presentation deck from the briefing here ASAI – IAB Ireland 20th January 2016 or see review notes on briefing below:

Briefing Review Notes:

Most important takeaway:  Any Digital Campaign to ensure compliance with code, should first check product/service in relation to code and appropriate section within code. The full section by section breakdown of the ASAI code is here >> If in doubt…. contact the ASAI for a free and confidential consultation 

Other key points to note:

  • Advertisers have a responsibility to be in compliance with code
  • ASAI monitor Ad’s in Ireland to ensure compliance (over 27,000 have been monitored since 2007)
  • Consultation with the ASAI at campaign planning stage in campaigns, is free and confidential
  • 40% of complaints received by the ASAI contain a reference to online/digital
  • Scope in 7th Edition of code clearly includes Online (in relation to all Marketing Communications)
  • All Advertising needs to be clear and apparent – this is particularly relevant to Native Advertising, further gudelines on which can be found in the Native Advertising Guide by IAB Ireland
  • Note: Gambling & E-cigarettes are NEW sections added to the code

Download the presentation deck from the briefing here ASAI – IAB Ireland 20th January 2016