Viewable Impression Trading

IAB Ireland Viewable Impression Briefing – 26th February 2015

Please find the details of the briefing below, including speaker slides and associated Press Release.

IAB holds briefing on Viewable Impressions – definition, trading & measurement – Press Release

IAB Ireland Viewable Impressions Seminar – UK OverviewSteve Chester, Director of Data and Industry Programmes, IAB UK

VI Measurement – an overview from Vendors

Viewability: Lessons Learned & Opportunities for Ireland Richard Goemaat, Senior Manager, comScore

Putting Ad Viewability into context John Dunne, Digital Consultant, FLE Marsh

Metrics that Matter – Shane Mullane, Sales Director, Moat (this presentation deck is available to IAB Members only, please log in and view this file in the Members Research section)

Viewable Impressions Briefing

Viewable Impressions Briefing – Full Agenda:

Registration / tea & coffee from 10.30 for 11am sharp start.

11am An Overview of VI in the UK Market

Steve Chester, Director of Data and Industry Programmes, IAB UK

Richard Foan, Chair JICWEBS

11.20 VI Measurement – an overview from Vendors

Shane Mullane, Sales Director, Moat

John Dunne, Digital Consultant, FLE Marsh

Richard Goemaat, Senior Manager, comScore

11.50 Panel Discussion and Speaker Q&A

Chaired by Mark Gilleran, Sales Director, Yahoo and Chair IAB Ireland Display Council

The panel will comprise some of the previous speakers and will also incude Aoife Moran, MEC (representing IAPI) and Mark Brennan, AIB (representing AAI)


The background to the VI Briefing held on the 26th of February 2015 in Dublin.

Given the global focus on Viewable Impression (VI) definition and VI measurement IAB Ireland’s Display Council recently conducted a readiness survey IAB members. The goal was to gauge the understanding and usage of Viewable Impressions in the Irish market.

The results showed that VI is indeed gaining traction in the Irish market.

Key Findings:

45% of respondents recognized the global IAB definition of VI: 50% of an advertisement in view for a minimum of one second

66% said their own company was ready/somewhat ready to trade in VI

73% felt that their agency was somewhat ready/ready to trade in VI


A number of vendors are now actively providing VI measurement tools in the Irish market. Advertisers are beginning to adopt VI as a both a performance and trading metric in respect of digital advertising.

As VI tracking and trading swiftly develops in our market, it is important that reasonable expectations should be set in monitoring viewable impressions due to technological challenges. It should also be noted that non-measured impressions do not equal impressions that are not viewable

Respondents to IAB’s VI study indicated a high level of interest for an IAB VI Briefing, which was held on the 26th of February 2015.

IAB Europe Viewable Impressions White Paper – 11th February 2015

IAB Europe White Paper reveals trends in trading on viewable impressions across varied European markets. It aims to educate and foster confidence in this specific aspect of digital advertising trading and lays the groundwork for further reflection on recommendations for the European industry with local IABs, measurement organisations and suppliers. Download the IAB Europe Viewable Impressions Whitepaper.

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