IAB Ireland Publishers Commercial Charter



7th June, 2018

IAB Ireland’s publisher members collaborate in a new Commercial Charter of trading standards.

IAB Ireland’s Publishers’ Council has developed a Commercial Charter setting out the agreed standards which they will uphold in trading with digital advertising partners.

The 12 publishers who collaborated in the commercial charter are Distilled SCH, DMG Media, Entertainment.ie, Image, Independent News & Media, Journal Media, Landmark Digital, Maximum Media, Mirror Media, Sheology, Sky Media Ireland and The Irish Times.

The Commercial Charter highlights standards across digital advertising trading including User Acceptance, Viewability, Non-Human traffic and Brand Safety. Protection of user’s privacy is a key element of the charter with the signed-up publishers ensuring that use of user data is appropriate and controlled and that the data itself is kept secure.

Publishers who have signed up to the charter will display the identifying logo on their site as a badge of quality and a commitment to transparency in their commercial transactions.

The Charter is available to view at this link: IAB Ireland Publishers Commercial Charter_June 2018