EDAA First Year Activity Report 3

The EDAA is now one year old! As the body’s Chair, I hope this ‘anniversary’ report will show the important role that the organisation now plays in delivering greater transparency and
user control in digital advertising. Many may not be aware of the organisation’s role and so this report sets this out, as well as what has been delivered in the last 12 months. It will also outline our plans over the coming year.

It is often the less visible and ‘behind the scenes’ efforts that create a solid backbone to an organisation and it is this work that enables the EDAA to function effectively. I’d therefore like to thank the EDAA staff for their efforts to-date. I believe that a well structured, adeptly run organisation, capable of looking towards the future challenges is vital to underpin a credible self-regulatory initiative.

The EDAA is representative of the whole advertising ecosystem. It is this unprecedented collaboration that has created an environment for businesses to invest in ways to be more transparent. As we move forward, so the EDAA will collaborate more with businesses to help them with their needs and obligations, with the Certification Providers, as well as established
Self-Regulatory Organisations (SROs) to help them understand the market and build a robust consumer-complaints and
enforcement process.

This EU self-regulatory initiative has been facilitated by a series of Round Table discussions with the European Com -mission, helping to evolve established self-regulation for the digital age. We continue to engage in this dialogue as we aim to meet consumer expectations. Many things have been learned in Year One. This is an innovative and fast-moving
sector where self-regulation has to keep up with the pace. The EDAA is here to help with that development

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