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Digital Reboot Webinar Recording – Agency Predictions 2023


Each new year brings the annual focus on advertising/media/tech predictions.

In this Digital Reboot webinar, in partnership with Mediahuis, our panel of agency members discussed the key trends, challenges and opportunities for 2023.

Our panel discussed Adspend predictions for the year ahead, including the rise of Retail Media, the importance of meaningful 1st party data, performance and metrics that matter, the MetaVerse, AI and new technology trends, and the opportunities and challenges a small market like Ireland has.

The discussion was moderated by:

Adrian Weckler
Technology Editor, Mediahuis | Irish Independent & Sunday Independent

with panelists:

Colm Sherwin
Chief Digital & Investment Officer, Core

Emma O’Doherty
Chief Client Officer, Mindshare

Ian Nunoo
Digital Director, Javelin Dublin

Rachel Ray
Group Strategy Director, Dentsu

Buyers are positive about Industry Standards such as the Gold Standard


From its launch in the UK in 2018 and adoption in Ireland in 2021 the IAB Gold Standard has rapidly become a prerequisite for companies identifying partners in the digital advertising supply chain. Now a requirement in the leading global media agencies T & C’s, the Gold Standard is an established benchmark for quality digital advertising practices. 

IAB Europe conducted a pan-european study to ascertain Buyers attitudes to Digital Advertising quality.  

The research looked at the following: 

  • What are buyers’ concerns and attitudes around digital advertising?
  • What are the differences between brands and agencies in these concerns?
  • What’s the impact of a National Quality Scheme?

Topline results are very encouraging:

  • 91% aware of IAB Industry standards
  • 92% agreeing with the statement ‘I prefer spending my advertising budget with suppliers that adhere to Industry standards’
  • 73% ​​agreeing they check if a media owner or supplier adheres to industry standards before spending budget with them

The results of the survey can be downloaded here

Introducing the latest version of the Gold Standard

IAB Ireland is currently working with IAB UK to implement some changes to the Gold Standard, to ensure that the standards are evolving to meet Industry needs.  

The changes are as follows:

  1. In addition to digital display and video, the Gold Standard will cover companies that specialise in emerging digital media offerings like Audio, CTV and In-game advertising. 
  2. Requirements within the Security & Fraud section will be updated to include:
    • Ads.txt 1.1  Ads.txt has been updated to require companies adhere to the latest version of ads.txt, 1.1, which increases levels of transparency and strengthens the ads.txt initiative. 
    • Buyers.json and DemandChain Object  Both initiatives are new additions for Gold Standard 2.1. They have been introduced to the Gold Standard as they bring more end-to-end transparency of the programmatic supply chain, helping publishers address the challenge of Scam Ads. 
    • Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK)   The OM SDK is a widely adopted industry standard. Requirements to adopt this initiative as part of the Gold Standard have been introduced as this initiative is successful in facilitating third party viewability and verification measurement for ads served in web video, app and CTV environments. 

All certifications and re-certifications in Ireland will now include these new requirements, and we look forward to supporting our members through these changes.

Queries on the Gold Standard in Ireland can be emailed to maeve@iabireland.ie and suzanne@iabireland.ie

In 2022, 6 in 8 adults in Ireland listen to digital audio in an average week


IAB Ireland’s Digital Audio Council commissioned Red C Research to conduct a fourth wave of Listen Up Ireland – a deep-dive into Digital Audio in Ireland.

The research, which has tracked Digital Audio since 2019, specifically looked at: the  Incidence & demographics of using Digital Audio, the channels used, time spent listening, devices used, reasons to engage with and attitudes towards Digital Audio.

The key findings are:

  • Digital audio consumption has grown vs 2021, with 77% of adults in Ireland consuming digital audio
  • The Demographic profile of digital audio users remains the same, with younger cohorts, those working full time and ABC1s over-indexing.
  • While frequency of consumption (daily/weekly/monthly) follows a similar pattern to the previous year, there is a welcome bounce back in the number of hours spent listening to digital audio (average weekly consumption 19.3hrs).
  • The growth is across all digital audio formats: on demand music, online radio and podcasts.
  • While smartphone continues to dominate as the most used device, compared to 2021, connected car & smart speakers overtake desktop/laptop.
  • Entertainment, relaxation and having an accompaniment to daily tasks are the top 3 reasons why digital audio users engage with the medium.

View the full Research Deck below. Any queries to maeve@iabireland.ie

NEW Irish research – Attention on Publisher sites

Irish Publisher sites over index on advertising attention

Attention measurement has become a key digital advertising metric, IAB Ireland’s Brand council has prioritised Attention as one of their top 5 priorities for our industry.

Seeking to grow understanding of  Digital Attention’s role in advertising effectiveness and to add to the work undertaken by our member, The National Lottery, on social attention,  IAB Ireland commissioned Lumen Research to undertake a study on Irish publisher sites. The sites: irishtimes.com and independent.ie were selected as representatives of IAB Ireland’s Publisher council. OmnicomMediaGroup was IAB Ireland’s agency partner in the research.  

The research design consisted of an online news testing environment designed by Lumen. Respondents undertook a 12 minute online survey, they were shown 5 different articles from irishtimes.com and independent.ie and were able to browse the sites as they would normally do whilst having their eye movements recorded.  Each article included one test ad as well as some advertising clutter from several different brands and categories. The test ads were for OMG clients: Aer Lingus, Gas Network Ireland, Skoda and Virgin Media. Respondents then answered a questionnaire to measure spontaneous and prompted brand recall, message takeout, brand favourability and perceptions of advertising on these sites.

Key Findings:

Slow Media leads to greater attention – In this study and other Lumen studies, the data suggests that deeper engagement with content – or slower scrolling – leads to greater ad attention.

Creatives tested in this study achieved around 1.3x more attention than UK benchmarks 1.2x more attention than Global and highlight a relationship between attention and recall.

61% feel that ads on Irish news brands are trustworthy and relevant. Lumen panel data has shown a strong link between trusted sites and increased attention. 

Some specific findings and learnings:

  1. Local creative gains more Attention.   Specifically in the Skoda campaign which compared local v global creative, the local ad captured more attention and in turn led to a higher brand favourability scores.   
  1. New creative in the case of the Gas Networks Ireland campaign also gained more Attention. The newer creative which was a progression on the popular previous campaign with a distinctive brand character led to increased prompted recall and improved message takeaway.
  1. Creative design needs to consider the digital format.  Both Virgin Media formats (Video and Mpu) had a very strong performance against relative norms.  Like other Lumen studies show, video often captures more viewers than static display formats.  However, as Video viewing is often front-loaded, ensure ads are ‘frontloaded’ with distinctive assets in order to improve spontaneous brand recall.   In general and in this VM case, the static MPUs scored high for spontaneous brand recognition and messaging.   
  1. Attention leads to brand recall, the longer users engaged with the advertising the more likely they were to recall the brand. Both spontaneous and prompted recall results grew with increased attention  When people spent longer engaging with the content – such as the seasonal article tested, attention to the Aer Lingus ad increased by 36%

This study of advertising attention on quality content sites is a first for IAB Ireland. The findings reflect Lumen Research’s global studies demonstrating the power of ‘slow media’ to drive advertising attention and grow brand favourability measurements. 

The particularly strong attention results from Irish quality sites outperforming the UK and Global benchmarks is very good news for the Irish advertising industry.  

IAB Connect H2 Presentations


IAB CONNECT H2 2022 took place on 17th November 2022, at The Alex Hotel, Dublin.

Our theme was Designing our Digital Future. Scroll down to see our presenter decks below, and do get in touch with maeve@iabireland.ie if you have any other queries.


Jerry Daykin, VP, Head of Media, Beam Suntory

Better Marketing: Why Representation Matters

Jerry Daykin, VP, Head of Media, Beam Suntory

Donagh Humphreys, Head of Social and Digital Innovation, THINKHOUSE

Meaningful Social Interactions – the case for driving engagement on Social

Donagh Humphreys, Head of Social and Digital Innovation, THINKHOUSE

Stha Banks, Sales Manager, Global Business Group, UK & Ireland, Meta

The MetaVerse – what is it and why does it matter for brands?

Stha Banks, Sales Manager, Global Business Group, UK & Ireland, Meta

Sarah Robson, Global Head of Advertising Effectiveness, On Device Research

Advertising Effectiveness in the Metaverse – Exploring the real effect of AR

Sarah Robson, Global Head of Advertising Effectiveness, On Device Research

Mike Follett, Managing Director, Lumen Research

Attention in Action

including Irish Research commissioned by IAB Ireland on behalf of our publisher council, measuring Attention on ad campaigns placed on quality content sites

Mike Follett, Managing Director, Lumen Research

Harry Eustace, Effectiveness Director, OMD Ireland

Harry Eustace, Effectiveness Director, OMD Ireland

Ad Net Zero – Advertising’s response to the Climate Emergency

Harry Eustace, Effectiveness Director, OMD Ireland

Elizabeth Sheehan, Chair of Ad Net Zero Ireland Council

Panel Discussion: Designing our Digital Future

Moderated by:

Suzanne McElligott, CEO, IAB Ireland


Jerry Daykin, VP, Head of Media, Beam Suntory

Jill Downey, Chief Sustainability & Sponsorship Officer, Core

Matt Mooney, Head of Marketing Transformation, AIB

Sarah Robson, Global Head of Advertising Effectiveness, On Device Research

Susan Daly, Strategy Director, OMD Ireland

State of the Nation – Digital Advertising Outlook


Webinar Recording

IAB Europe’s Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp presented a ‘State of the Nation’ digital advertising special edition on 13th October, 2022.

In these uncertain times, with added economic pressure, Daniel shared his outlook for the industry detailing growth opportunities and the role of new channels.

This is a must-watch for any industry professional that wants to see the science and data shaping our future paths.

Watch the recording here

Capitalising on Black Friday Sales – Workshop Recordings


IAB Ireland and Retail Ireland Skillnet hosted a Workshop to help retailers to develop effective strategies for Black Friday 2022.

Our expert speakers shared how Retailers can capitalise on this sales event and experience a positive boost in sales.

This very practical workshop, designed for Retailers of all sizes, was hosted on Zoom on Thursday 20th October 2022, from 10 – 11.30am.

Speakers & recorded presentations:

The Consumer Mood and why value and local is more important than ever

Sinead Mooney, MD, Red C

Ensure your Black Friday strategies build loyalty and encourage repeat purchases

Francis Lawler, Solutions Engineer, Sprout Social

Before, During and after Black Friday – strategies to stand out and win sales

Kate McCleery, Head of Sales Ireland, Large Customer Sales, Google

Partnering with local Publishers to stand out from the crowd

Hugh Crowther, Group Head of Agency, Reach plc

IAB Europe Reacts to Belgian Data Protection Authority’s Notification to Proceed


IAB Europe Reacts to Belgian Data Protection Authority’s Notification to Proceed with Action Plan Examination, Despite Outstanding Questions of Legality

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – 7th October 2022: The Belgian Data Protection Authority (APD) has informed IAB Europe that it intends to pursue its examination of the action plan submitted in April with a view to its possible validation. This is despite the Belgian Market Court’s interim ruling of September 7th 2022 that declared illegal the APD decision (which served as a basis for the action plan) because of the APD’s lack of due care.  In addition, the Market Court has referred fundamental questions on the substance of the matter – and relevant to the action plan – to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). 

IAB Europe welcomes every opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the APD, and other supervisory authorities concerned, on its action plan and how best to deliver extended functionality to the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). The action plan is the result of a careful assessment of what measures would best meet the APD’s interpretation of the GDPR, and the resulting obligations that it creates for IAB Europe. It reflects the willingness of the sector to find solutions and to cooperate on tools that are meaningful for data subjects, while practical and scalable for all market players involved.

However, while the action plan is a basis for discussion to continue the work on improving the TCF, IAB Europe firmly believes that the APD decision cannot be enforced. 

Firstly, the Market Court found that the APD’s decision was illegal due to irregularities at the stage of the APD’s investigation. Secondly, the measures proposed in the action plan stem directly from the assumptions that (i) the TC String (a digital signal containing user preferences) should be considered personal data and that (ii) IAB Europe acts as a (joint) controller for the dissemination of TC Strings and other data processing done by TCF participants. The Belgian Market Court has decided to seek guidance from the CJEU on both of these points, based on questions raised by the APD itself during the course of the proceedings.

IAB Europe reserves the right to engage in any form of available legal action should the APD attempt to enforce its illegal decision and preempt responses from the CJEU on the central issues that have been referred to it

“The questions that have been referred to the CJEU are foundational as they call into question whether an enforcement action should have been brought against IAB Europe in the first place,” comments Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe. “Pending the answers from the CJEU on the matter, we look forward to soliciting guidance from Data Protection Authorities to deliver extended functionality to the TCF. ”

An updated FAQ on the case may be consulted on IAB Europe’s website here.

The role of Digital across the Advertising Funnel


Digital advertising’s rapid global growth has democratised the space. Display and video options are now wide-ranging, data-based
targeting with geofencing and sequential solutions for different parties are available and campaigns of all budget levels are impacting brand salience.

To help advertisers understand how their strategy could look, IAB UK worked with partners On Device Research (ODR) to analyse
516 ad campaigns globally that made use of digital from 2018-2021.

They found that campaigns that utilised the full funnel effects of digital achieved the best results, with the top performing campaigns for both awareness and consideration driving greater purchase intent. In line with these findings, they have developed 10 best practice principles to help advertisers maximise digital’s effectiveness across the funnel such as:

  • Display is more impactful than video at driving awareness
  • Adapting and targeting relevant creative to distinct audience groups drives even stronger consideration & purchase intent
  • Using first or third-party data can improve relevance & engagement with your audiences
  • Video is more impactful than display in driving consideration and purchase intent

We would like to thank IAB UK for allowing us to share this really interesting research project with our members. You can download the full deck here and the shorter deck here.



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