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Ad Net Zero – July 2022 webinar recording


On Thursday 21st July, we held a webinar to share the detail behind Ad Net Zero – Advertising’s response to the climate emergency.

IAB Ireland is delighted to work with IAPI (Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland), AAI (Advertising Association of Ireland), MII (The Marketing Institute of Ireland, CPI (Commercial Producers of Ireland) in this initiative which launched in Ireland in June.  

The collective ambition is for the Irish Advertising Industry to be Ad Net Zero by 2030.

In this webinar, Elizabeth Sheehan, Chair of the Ad Net Zero Council took our members through the initiative including some research, the 5 actions and the resources available to help companies on all sides of the Advertising and Marketing ecosystem to join the process.

We can all agree that Ad Net Zero requires an immediate and collective response.  Agency research conducted by IAPI in the Irish market showed that:

  • 92% are worried about the negative impacts of our Industry on the environment
  • 91% agree that our Industry has an important role to play in addressing climate change because of our ability to connect with Irish consumers
  • However, only 40% have started carbon calculations for their businesses.

Ad Net Zero has devised an Action plan with 5 key actions as follows:

  1. Get your house in order
  2. Curb emissions from Ad Production (Film)
  3. Curb emissions from media planning and buying
  4. Curb emissions through awards and from events
  5. Harness Advertising’s power to support Consumer Behaviour Change

Elizabeth took us all through the actions one by one in the webinar including details on the initiatives and supports available to help companies to succeed.

There are roles for all our members in this important initiative from agencies, brands, platforms and publishers.

You can view the webinar recording below and the sample Licence agreement for IAB Ireland members including details on costs involved depending on your role in the Industry is available to view here.

So how do you get involved?

Email maeve@iabireland.ie and suzanne@iabireland.ie to express your interest and we will forward your details to the project manager.   They will then be in touch to sign you up to join.

We will continue to share information on this project and encourage all of our members to sign up and join this exciting and crucial initiative for our Industry.

HFSS Product Advertising is included in IAB Tech Lab’s Ad Product Taxonomy version 1.1

Following the ASAI code’s inclusion of a threshold for High Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) advertising across all media including a threshold of no more than 25% of digital inventory, IAB Ireland members from publishers, adtech and agencies joined a working group set up by ASAI to consider the effective implementation of the digital threshold.

Given the nature of programmatic advertising, publishers do not receive information on the product category when the advertising is served programmatically. IAB Tech Lab’s Ad Product Taxonomy is a standardised nomenclature for describing the product or service being advertised within a creative unit. It enables publishers to have oversight of the types of programmatic ads that get delivered to their website. The buy-side support the standard by tagging creative units with taxonomy metadata so that it is machine-readable by publishers upon creative render.

IAB Ireland CEO, Suzanne McElligott and Simon Bennett, Senior Director, Strategy, Yahoo presented the case for including HFSS to Tech Lab’s Ad Product Taxonomy working group. They highlighted that 21 countries across the globe have statutory or self-regulation rules for HFSS in place including the EU’s Audio Visual Media Services Directive and Ireland’s ASAIcode. Recognising the importance of assisting the global advertising industry to identifyHFSS programmatic advertising in seeking to comply with HFSS regulations, IAB Tech Lab supported the addition of this product category in version 1.1 and this is open for public comment for a 30 day period to August 13th.

Welcoming the inclusion of HFSS in the IAB Tech Lab’s Ad Product Taxonomy, IAB Ireland CEO, Suzanne McElligott said, “This has been an important collaboration across our members in partnership with ASAI illustrating the commitment of Ireland’s digital advertising industry to effective self-regulation. It also illustrates the positive response from IAB Tech Lab to proposals from other markets designed to update the operation of its Ad Product Taxonomy to benefit the global digital ad industry.”

For further information please contact: Suzanne McElligott, CEO, IAB Ireland, Tel: 086 2260403 and Email: suzanne@iabireland.ie

IAB Ireland publisher members launch Guide to Brand Safety


Brand safety is not a new concept. It is a suite of tools and approaches which have evolved over the past 30 years, dating back to the earliest ads on the internet. At that point in time, brand safety was a simple exercise where a brand, in collaboration with their publisher partner, would decide where their ads should and should not appear.

IAB Europe’s Quality & Transparency Task Force defines Brand Safety as follows:

‘Brand Safety describes the practices and tools that are put in place to ensure that a digital advertising campaign will not appear next to any content that is illegal (e.g. drug related content) or dangerous (e.g. pornography or violence). It should be applied to every campaign to protect a brand’s reputation and not fund any illegal or dangerous content providers.’  

Brand Suitability brings an additional layer of brand safety controls to ensure that a digital advertising campaign appears against content that is deemed appropriate for the brand.

Brand Safety strategies range from ‘keyword blocklists’ to ‘contextual targeting’ and ‘semantic brand suitability filtering’.  However in many scenarios, the brand safety/suitability controls actually block ads from appearing next to legitimate and suitable and often desirable content.

For publishers this limits the ability to monetize their content and, for brands it can negatively impact the performance and reach of their online advertising.

Research undertaken by IAB Ireland’s Publisher Council found that some Brand Safety controls can block between 52% and 78% of their content depending on how they are used.

This guide, written by our publishers and partners,  is designed to help Brands consider their Brand Safety strategies and consider if they are fit for purpose in the ever evolving digital advertising ecosystem.   The Guide includes the unintended consequences of some brand safety strategies, examples of content being blocked, best practices for Brand suitability, advice on tailoring your strategy, protecting your brand reputation and choosing suitable partners. 

You can download the Guide here.

We hope you find it useful!

Many thanks to our Contributors:

Chris Gordon, Head of Digital Ad Operations, Mediahuis

Doug Farrell, Group Head of Digital Strategy, dmg media

David Murphy, Head of Digital Media Solutions, The Irish Times

Ian Maxwell, CEO & Co-Founder, Converge Digital

Padraig Sugrue, Group Sales Director, Reach plc

Sarah Downey, Media Operations Manager, Packed.House

Thomas Fanning, Digital Solutions Manager, News Ireland


IAPI (Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland), AAI (Advertising Association of Ireland), MII (The Marketing Institute of Ireland, CPI (Commercial Producers of Ireland) and IAB have launched Ad Net Zero for the Irish market.  Ad Net Zero, the industry-wide initiative to help advertising respond to the climate crisis caused by CO2 emissions, was launched in the UK in 2020 and is led in the UK by the Advertising Association, IPA and ISBA.

Ad Net Zero in Ireland will join the Ad Net Zero Steering Group and will be the first country to join an initiative which is attracting increasing international attention and will be the first full collaboration in Ireland across the advertising, marketing, media and production sector with a collective vision to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions across the industry. The industry in Ireland is so committed to this initiative that all of the bodies have voted for an all-in approach resulting in a potential 80 supporters signing up from the outset.

Ad Net Zero Ireland will also participate in the Ad Net Zero Global Summit to coincide with COP27 in November, all geared to drive rapid, long-lasting change in the advertising industry.

Sebastian Munden, Chair of Ad Net Zero and EVP and General Manager, Unilever UK & Ireland said: “The climate crisis has taught us the need for collective action. Following the success of Ad Net Zero in the UK – receiving more than 100 supporters in less than two years – we are raising our international ambitions for our industry to come together and reach net zero by end of 2030. We’re excited to be working with Ad Net Zero in Ireland in helping support the Irish ad industry achieve this goal too. I encourage everyone in in the UK and Ireland to reach out and find out how you can become an Ad Net Zero supporter and we welcome conversations with other international markets as the world collaborates to tackle the climate emergency.”      

Charley Stoney, CEO of The Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) who has led the charge for creating the Ad Net Zero Ireland collaboration said: “IAPI and our partner industry bodies are delighted to be joining Ad Net Zero.  I have found it very inspirational to have received such engagement from all competing sectors of the industry for the first time ever. The drive for Sustainability is such an over-riding priority for business. I truly believe that we can make a difference by joining Ad Net Zero and taking action to reduce carbon emissions.

We know the only way to address climate change is through collaboration, collectivism, and a shared vision and that is what Ad Net Zero will be in Ireland – a space to plan for our future by taking action now.  There has been an urgent rally call from the advertising industry in Ireland to address climate change with 92% of people worried about the negative impact that our industry has on the environment, 91% agreeing that the industry has an important role in addressing climate change because of our ability to connect with Irish consumers and 74% stating that we the industry needs to move faster to dace the climate challenge.  Ad Net Zero will provide a clear set of actions from getting our own house in order by reducing carbon emissions from our operations, in addition to reducing carbon emissions from advertising creation, to ensuring we plan media in the most sustainable manner, driving for net zero events and by influencing consumer behaviour to enable sustainable choices.”

“The need for this was reinforced at the recent IAPI Leaders Day when over 50 agency leaders voted unanimously for an ALL-IN approach to Ad Net Zero. In other words, if you’re a member of IAPI, you’re automatically opted in.” 

Ad Net Zero in Ireland engaged the professional services of Elizabeth Sheehan, Independent Marketing & Sustainability specialist and she has been instrumental in bringing this to fruition, alongside Abi Moran, CEO, Folk Wunderman Thompson and Fiona Field, MD, OMD, both of whom are on the IAPI Board.

Ad Net Zero in Ireland will build on learnings from the group to adopt and adapt the Ad Net Zero 5-point action plan and deploy the tools, including Green Element and AdGreen, to best suit the Irish market.

Ad Net Zero has led the way in pledging the industry to become Net Zero by 2030.To drive towards the goal – Ad Net Zero provides advice, education, training, carbon calculation etc all set up in the UK and Ireland will collaborate with the working groups.  Our supporters will be provided with a clear 5 Action Framework to help reduce carbon emissions from their activities and will collaborate with Purpose Disruptors and #changethebrief to ensure the influence of the advertising communications can be a force for positive change.

As supporters of this mission critical collaboration all supporters will be included in working groups, training, certification and will have a voice in the future planning of the industry in a collaborative way.

IabConnect Gallery

PTPC Webinar – Update on Chrome Topics (april2022)

On January 25, Chrome announced Topics, a new Privacy Sandbox proposal for interest-based advertising. Topics are recognizable interest categories (for example “Fitness” or “Family Travel”) that represent the user’s top interests, based on their recent browsing history. The Topics API can be used to help personalize ads, without sharing specific sites the user has visited. Users can see their topics in Chrome’s settings, remove any they don’t like, or disable the feature altogether. The Topics proposal replaces and improves upon the earlier FLoC proposal.

Many of the features of the Topics proposal were informed by FLoC feedback, and Chrome is eager to work with the web community to test and refine this new proposal.

Scott Friesen, Strategic Partnerships, Chrome shared the latest from Chrome on Topics in this webinar on 28th April 2022.

Scott’s presentation deck is available to view below.

Scott manages Chrome and Web Partnerships in the UK and has 10 years experience working on web and advertising technologies. At Google he has previously worked on launches of new web app APIs and performance initiatives with publishers, content creators and platforms. Since 2019 he has been helping to educate the web ecosystem about the Privacy Sandbox, Chrome’s efforts to protect people’s privacy online while enabling a sustainable open web.

Customer Acquisition Workshop for Retailers – Recordings

IAB Ireland was delighted to partner again with Retail Ireland Skillnet to deliver this Customer Acquisition Acceleration Workshop for the retail sector – on Tuesday 17th May, from 10am – 12pm.

Recordings of each presentation is below.

Our speakers are all practitioners working in the digital advertising space

Speakers & Topics:

Meabh Connellan, Senior Director, Digital Strategy, Spark Foundry

Meabh shared the latest research from Core on consumer confidence and sentiment, and what that means for the retail sector. Meabh also had tips on working with influencers or rather content creators to make connections and grow your customer base.

Amy Owens, Industry Manager, Ireland, Google

Amy spoke about the the power of your own first party data in customer acquisition and how to integrate that data with your other online marketing. She also shared some Google insights and actionable takeaways to help retailers reach more customers.

Johan Slattery, Snr. Manager Ireland & UK, Quantcast

Johan presented some background on third party cookies and how cookieless solutions are already being deployed in preparation for the loss of 3rd party cookie on Chrome.  

Sarah Doherty, Senior Strategic Client Manager, EMEA, VidMob

Sarah shared the importance of the first three seconds of a video ad and how it can significantly impact performance metrics. Uncover how small creative details, like a model’s eye gaze, are either helping or hindering your ad performance with insights from VidMob’s Eye Gaze study across social platforms.

Clodagh Heskin, Senior Strategic Account Manager, Meta

Clodagh presented about how to connect with and reach more consumers, best practice in segmenting and targeting customers and how Learning mode on Facebook works and how to learn from the insights to run more efficient campaigns.

IAB Connect 2022 – Presentations


We were delighted to return to face to face events with IAB Connect 2022 – on Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 at The Alex Hotel, Dublin.

Our theme was: Engaging the new supercharged digital savvy consumer.

Scroll down to see our presenter decks below, and do get in touch with maeve@iabireland.ie if you have any other queries.


Click here to view images from the event.


10th May, 2022.IAB Connect Ireland IAB Connect H1 2022 conference at Alex Hotel, Dublin.Photo: Barry Cronin info@barrycronin.com 087-9598549

Joan Hallinan, Senior Digital Marketing Manager & Stephen Cleary, Social Media Manager, National Lottery

‘Understanding which social media platforms deliver the highest levels of attention and how to maximise it through creative’

10th May, 2022.IAB Connect Ireland IAB Connect H1 2022 conference at Alex Hotel, Dublin.Photo: Barry Cronin info@barrycronin.com 087-9598549

Tom Ellis, Director of Ad Creative, EMEA, Yahoo

‘Delivering an engaging & emotive advertising experience within the world of gaming.’

10th May, 2022.IAB Connect Ireland IAB Connect H1 2022 conference at Alex Hotel, Dublin.Photo: Barry Cronin info@barrycronin.com 087-9598549

Micheal Scully, Director of Sales, Ireland, Acast

‘Creative Best Practice in Podcast Advertising’

10th May, 2022.IAB Connect Ireland IAB Connect H1 2022 conference at Alex Hotel, Dublin.Photo: Barry Cronin info@barrycronin.com 087-9598549

Antoinette O’Callaghan, Marketing Manager, Global

‘The Offline Digital Influence’

10th May, 2022.IAB Connect Ireland IAB Connect H1 2022 conference at Alex Hotel, Dublin.Photo: Barry Cronin info@barrycronin.com 087-9598549

Molly Rowan-Hamilton, Strategy Director, Brand Opus

‘The secret of powerful brand storytelling, in the digital age’

10th May, 2022.IAB Connect Ireland IAB Connect H1 2022 conference at Alex Hotel, Dublin.Photo: Barry Cronin info@barrycronin.com 087-9598549

Garrett Tallon, Account Director, Quantcast

‘Using data to attract your next, new customers at scale’

10th May, 2022.IAB Connect Ireland IAB Connect H1 2022 conference at Alex Hotel, Dublin.Photo: Barry Cronin info@barrycronin.com 087-9598549

11.40 Tiernan O’Morain, Head of Culture, Entertainment, Media & Digital, Diageo

‘D&I and Progressive Media’

10th May, 2022.IAB Connect Ireland IAB Connect H1 2022 conference at Alex Hotel, Dublin.Photo: Barry Cronin info@barrycronin.com 087-9598549

12.00 PANEL: Getting the Balance right : Brand Safety/Quality Content and D&I

Moderated by:

Doug Farrell, Group Head of Digital Strategy, DMG Media Ireland


Ian Maxwell, CEO & CoFounder, Converge Digital

Tiernan O’Morain, Head of Culture, Entertainment, Media & Digital, Diageo

Lisa Connell, Managing Editor, GCN (Gay Community News) Publishing

Helen Beecher, Group Digital Development Director, OMG Ireland

12.40 Close