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Digital Advertising for the hospitality and experiential sector – Webinar Recordings

Brought to you by IAB Ireland in partnership with IBEC Experience Economy – streamed live on 29th and 30th May, 2024.

These workshops were designed specifically with the Experience Economy in mind.  Our speakers, who are all practitioners in the digital advertising sector, provided an overview of the latest digital opportunities and innovations and their role in attracting and retaining customers.

Webinar 1 – Wednesday 29th May

Richard Colwell, CEO, Red C Research

Richard shared the latest insights from Red C on consumer confidence and sentiment, and how this information informs communications and advertising strategies.  How can you stand out and capture consumer attention and ultimately attract new customers?

Meabh Connellan, Senior Director: Digital Strategy – Spark Foundry / Core

Meabh shared her vast experience working with clients on how to set measurable objectives and KPIs.  She shared the steps to help you plan your digital advertising campaigns to achieve these objectives.  Meabh also talked about the power of local partnerships and working with influencers / content creators.

View Recording for Webinar 1: Setting your objectives & planning your strategy 

Webinar 2 – Thursday 30th May, 10-10.45am

Conor Rowland, Content Strategy Director, OMD Ireland

Conor shared a deep dive into Social Media.  What are the big trends and insights to be aware of across the social media platforms?  How can you be responsive to your audience, thereby driving engagement, loyalty and making the sale?  What are the steps to a social media campaign that delivers for your business?

Lorna Tighe, Growth Account Manager, Google Customer Solutions,UK & Ireland

Lorna shared the latest insights on using Google Analytics (GA4) to understand how customers find and engage with your business.  She also shared case studies from businesses who are using google products to attract customers and drive their businesses in this sector.

View Recording for Webinar 2: Using social media & Google insights to attract customers

Bloomberg Media

Bloomberg Media’s mission is to empower business leaders and our brand partners by inventing the solutions, knowledge and connections they need to thrive in a transforming world.

We do this through deep, smart, global reporting of the world of business, powered by unmatched data and the world’s largest newsroom.

Contact: https://www.bloombergmedia.com/contact/

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We give brands a platform to perform.  We combine talent, partnerships and a unique way of working to help brands reach, grow and delight their audiences globally. Our unique business model empowers people with the courage to innovate.

Suite 302, The Lennox Building, 50 Richmond St S, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2

Contact: https://www.jellyfish.com/en-us/contact/

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Integral Ad Science

A leading global media measurement and optimization platform 

IAS delivers the industry’s most actionable data to drive superior results for the world’s largest advertisers, publishers, and media platforms. Our mission is to be the global benchmark for trust and transparency in digital media quality. We do this through comprehensive, enriched data that ensures ads are seen by real people in safe and suitable environments. 



WeWork, 2 Dublin Landings, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1,

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Converge Digital

Converge Digital’s Mission:  To deliver INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION FOR ADVERTISERS, making it simpler and easier to manage campaigns by de-mystifying the whole process of Programmatic Advertising.

We give back control to Advertisers – over where their campaigns appear, and how they target – whether by site, by context, by interest or demographic.

For Publishers, full integration with the platform maximises revenues and enables brand safe, data compliant, and effective curated marketplaces for advertisers.


First Floor @SixtyOne
Thomas Street

+353 1 9603333 


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Channel Factory

Channel Factory categorizes content and activate video ads across Social Media that are contextually relevant, responsive, inclusive and safe and suitable – to drive commercial and reputational advantage. 

Contact: https://alfadirltd.com/
Corporate Headquarters: 17700 Castleton Street Suite 406 City of Industry, CA 91748,

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Alfadir is a lead-focused marketing agency using data-driven methods for online marketing and SEO web design. We help your business shine and generate high-quality leads globally.

Contact: https://alfadirltd.com/

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Glenveagh Homes

Our homes are designed for family living, with large living areas, seeded rear gardens and modern kitchens. Each property has an A-rating for energy resulting in lower energy costs. We incorporate sustainable and renewable technology to reduce our carbon footprint.

Contact Details:

Block C, Maynooth Business Campus, Straffan Road
Maynooth, W23 F854, Co. Kildare

Tel: +353 (01) 903 7100
Email: enquiries@glenveagh.ie

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IAB Connect H1 2024 – Presentations

The theme for IAB Ireland’s Digital Advertising Conference, on Tuesday 14th May 2024, was Together is Better

With the shift towards privacy first advertising, embracing AI Opportunities, leveraging first party data, implementing sustainability, post 3rd party cookie deprecation – this increasingly complex digital ad ecosystem means amplifying your digital ad partnerships is more important than ever. 

The conference took place from 9am – 1pm, on Tuesday 14th May, 2024 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin 8. 

Please find Decks from the morning below:

Highlights of IAB Ireland PWC Online Adspend Study for 2023

Suzanne McElligott, CEO, IAB Ireland.

Suzanne also referenced two other pieces of IAB Ireland Research:

  • A study of Attention on local publisher sites, conducted by Lumen
  • Listen Up Ireland – Digital Audio Research, conducted by Red C Research
  • Resources: Third party cookie deprecation – the time for action is now!

Expressing Baileys brand values through partnership

Sarah Fleury, Global Head of Digital and Data, Baileys at Diageo

Intentional partnership to improve
digital advertising effectiveness

Bríd McMahon, Country Manager IAS Ireland &
VP, Technical Customer Operations, EMEA, Integral Ad Science

Emma Jowett, Regional VP Sales, Integral Ad Science

Let’s collaborate to accelerate the transition to ad net zero

Laura Wade, Global Head of Sustainability Strategy, EssenceMediacom

‘Since the 1950’s human activity has accelerated our demands on the planet and its natural resources – as demonstrated by what is called ‘ The Great Acceleration’ by scientists .  We now are in the decisive decade to take action, we need a hard break on emissions in the next couple of years –  in the same decade we are seeing the digital and data industries set to growth exponentially.  Our use of data and digital has a physical impact on the world and is contributing to energy consumption.  We have to act responsibility and as the global citizens we are. 

At WPP/GroupM, we have Science Based commitments and we are the first and only holding group to include the Media we buy on behalf of our clients in our carbon footprint.  Media makes up 55% of our scope3 footprint. We have committed to an 84% reduction by 2025 for our scope1 and 2 and a 50% reduction for Scope 3.  Having commitments are great, and vital, however we are now focussed on our transition plan.  Our Transition Plan has 3 key reduction levers 1.  Media Supply Chain optimisation, 2. Partner engagement and  3. Media vendor selection.  We need to work collaboratively with the entire media ecosystem to be able to effectively use these levers to drive our decarbonisation targets. 

We have started this journey and in my deck I have shared some examples under each pillar – but we need the industry to come with us.  If one fails we all fail. We need to move our mindset from seeing sustainability as a necessary chore to one that is about transformation and innovation for future fit business. Sustainability is no longer about should we do it, it’s about how we do it and how we do it together.’

You can download Laura’s deck here.

Privacy Sandbox – the time to prepare for Third-Party Cookie Deprecation is now

Gaby Jenkins, Partner Manager, Privacy Sandbox Partnerships – Google

Gaby’s deck is available to view below, and Gaby also advises all to check out and keep up to date on Privacy Sandbox progress here. Other IAB Resources to help you prepare for 3PCD are available to view here.

The plumber, the broadcaster, and the robot uprising

Andy Pierce, Group Strategy Director, Core 

AI and Digital Audio – A real world opportunity

Brian McCarthy, Group Commercial and Operations Director, Wireless Ireland

Partnering with content creators to boost your brand

Niamh Aremband, Copywriter, Droga5 Dublin

Georgia Murphy, Droga5 Dublin

Coming soon

Third Party Cookie Deprecation – Time for Action!

The phasing out of third party cookies has begun and complete deprecation is now fast approaching.
The Irish digital ad industry cannot put off addressing the significant impact of deprecation and identifying solutions.

Publishers, agencies and advertisers across the larger EU markets are actively testing, sharing feedback with Privacy Sandbox. IAB Ireland’s recent webinar with Tony Katsur, CEO IAB Tech Lab and Gaby Jenkins, Partner Manager, Privacy Sandbox Partnerships focused on Tech Lab’s analysis of Privacy Sandbox as well as Sandbox resources to assist companies in their preparation for deprecation. 

There is no silver bullet or one catch all solution so it is essential that companies can answer the following questions:

1. What data partners are collecting directly/indirectly?
2. How it is collected?- Identify the on device technologies that are being used by partners.
3. What data is exchanged between advertiser and partner and can audiences be matched/linked using 2 sets of data?
4. What lawful basis is the partner relying on for personal data processing?
5. How is consent obtained and who is responsible for obtaining it?

It is also essential that you familiarise yourselves with the 3 potential solutions:

1. Linked audiences – uses user-provided data like email address or name or address to link publisher and advertiser audiences – this replicates cookie-like functionality – universal or unified ID solutions.
2. Unlinked audiences – no data is exchanged between publishers, advertisers or at any part in the process – Contextual targeting.
3. Browser or operating system linked audiences – ability to target and measure audiences on 1:many rather than 1:1 basis – grouped and anonymised.

IAB Ireland like all the IAB chapters will continue to share relevant Privacy Sandbox updates and testing learnings.

Useful Resources:

About Privacy Sandbox: Check out this very useful overview from IAB Europe – explaining the various terminology and sharing links for testing and feedback.

This opinion piece by James Chandler, Chief Marketing Officer, IAB UK is a useful call to action to share with your teams and business leaders to ensure that your company embraces this challenge and has an actionable deprecation strategy in place.

A Google Privacy Sandbox Resource for understanding third party cookie dependencies which may include advertising, but other use cases as well such as embedding videos, logging in to name a few, and helping sites to prepare for third party cookie deprecation can be found here.  This resource can be used to identify what third party cookies are being set, and by whom, and for what purpose.  The instructions in this resource outline how to test sites to understand how critical user journeys might be impacted by third party cookie deprecation.

15 February 2024 – The Privacy Sandbox team issued a response to the IAB Tech Lab Report. A summary of the Privacy Sandbox response is available here. The full 35-page response is here