IAB Initiatives combating Ad Blocking

IAB Ireland, as part of the global IAB network believes in an ad funded internet. Our aim is to help brands reach their audiences and to provide revenue to publishers so they can continue to make their content, services and applications widely available. We believe ad blocking undermines this approach. IAB’s LEAN and DEAL initiatives are designed to provide a better UserX of digital advertising and minimise the use of ad blocking.
IAB US, IAB Europe, national IABs and the IAB Tech Lab are also among the founding members and supporters of the Coalition for Better Ads along with leading international  trade associations and companies involved in online media.  The coalition is dedicated to improving consumers’ experience of digital advertising  www.betterads.org.

IAB Initiatives:

  1. LEAN and New IAB Flexible Formats 

leanThe LEAN Ads programme supported by IABs around the world introduces the next phases of advertising technical standards for the global digital advertising supply chain.  The new LEAN formats are designed to provide better UserX of digital advertising across device.

L: Light. Limited file size with strict data call guidelines.

E: Encrypted. Assure user security with https/SSL compliant ads.

A: Ad Choices Support. All ads should support DAA’s consumer privacy programs.

N: Non-invasive/Non-disruptive. Ads that supplement the user experience and don’t disrupt it.

The IAB New Ad Portfolio microsite hosts the Final version of the New IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio which outlines:

  • Guidelines Document
  • Visual Examples of the new cross screen ad units
  • Examples of LEAN Do’s and Don’ts
  • New Digital Content Ads’ Video
  • New Media Gallery (examples of AR/VR/360º Video/emoji ads and more)
  1. DEAL

dealIAB Ireland’s recent Research on Ad Blocking found that 89% of users would discontinue ad blocking on request.

DEAL encourages publishers to connect with ad blocking consumers through the following process:

Detect ad blocking, in order to initiate a conversation;

Explain the value exchange that advertising enables;

Ask for changed behaviour in order to maintain an equitable exchange;

Lift restrictions or Limit access in response to consumer choice.

An Ad blocking Detection Primer and Script is freely available to members of the IAB Global Network – also examples of publishers battling ad blocking are available here.

  1. Coalition for Better Ads

IAB is also a founding member of the Coalition For Better Ads

The global Coalition is focused on several key initiatives:

– Creating consumer-based, data-driven standards that companies in the online advertising industry can use to improve the consumer ad experience

– In conjunction with the IAB Tech Lab, develop and deploy technology to implement these standards

– Encourage awareness of the standards among consumers and businesses in order to ensure wide uptake and elicit feedback.

The Coalition will draw upon consumer research in shaping the standards.

Founding members and supporters of the Coalition, include the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), Association of National Advertisers (ANA), BVDW Germany, DMA, European Publishers Council, Google, GroupM, IAB, IAB Europe, IAB Tech Lab, as well as additional national and regional IABs, Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), News Media Alliance, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, The Washington Post, and World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). Companies and trade associations that wish to join the Coalition can learn more at www.betterads.org