About Us

IAB Ireland is the trade association for digital advertising. As a member of the global IAB network IAB Ireland is the authoritative and objective source for all digital advertising issues whilst promoting best practise in the Irish digital advertising industry.

IAB Ireland will champion the growth of digital advertising’s share of total marketing spend thereby enabling its members to grow their revenues and build their brands.

As the trade organisation representing the digital media owners and agencies in Ireland it will educate and inform marketers as to the best role for digital advertising in building the value of their businesses. It will work  closely with the advertising industry to meet the needs of their clients.



Commission and publish research on digital advertising to educate and inform the Irish marketing industry, such as IAB’s PwC commissioned survey measuring online advertising spend in the Irish market. Highlight quality case studies illustrating effective use of the digital advertising medium. View our Research section for more information (note, some content in this section is Member-Only content)


Will host a variety of events from conferences to workshops examining digital advertising opportunities and issues. View our Events section for more information.


Represent the digital advertising sector with policymakers and regulators and lobby for the optimal regulatory environment for the industry. To establish guidelines and standards for digital advertising in Ireland. Find out more in our Policy section.


Set up specialised groups dedicated to educating the industry while enabling members to share their expertise and facilitate networking. Find out more in our Policy section.


Become the authoritative voice for the Irish digital advertising industry with a strong and positive PR and Marketing focus, distributing quality marketing materials both online and offline.


IAB Ireland offers bespoke Digital Training. This bespoke training model has proven extremely effective for companies such as: Eircom, Associated News, The Irish Times, TV3, Core Media, Group M, Google, and Ryanair. Find out more in our Training section.