Online Behavioural Advertising

The commitment of IAB Ireland and its members to effective self regulation can be seen in the very high sign up to the IAB Europe Online Behavioural Advertising Self Regulatory Framework. Ireland had the highest number of companies per capita sign up to the OBA framework at its launch in April 2011.

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The IAB Europe OBA Framework is based upon 7 key principles for online behavioural advertising: notice, user choice, data security, sensitive segmentation, education, compliance and enforcement, and review. An objective of the IAB Europe OBA Framework is to secure the future of Online Behavioural Advertising as an effective business practice in the toolbox of marketers, by ensuring that internet users can understand and control the OBA choices they make online. The IAB OBA programme has evolved in constant dialogue with the European Commission, and Director-General Robert Madelin

The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) is the single authoritative voice on advertising self regulation issues. The EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising builds on the IAB Europe OBA Framework and provides an industry-wide standard for OBA, ensuring that the entire advertising ecosystem is covered. With the adoption of the Best Practice Recommendation, national advertising self-regulatory organisations commit to applying self-regulatory standards for OBA, integrating the principles of the recommendation into their Codes, and handling complaints thereon. ASAI as a member of EASA adopted the OBA framework as part of its self regulatory remit in September 2013.

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels and is responsible for enacting key aspects of the self-regulatory initiative for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) across Europe. EDAA principally acts as the central licensing body for the OBA Icon and provides technical means for consumers to exercise transparency and control over OBA through the online consumer choice platform. EDAA is governed by EU-level organisations which make up the value chain of OBA within Europe and acts to ensure pan-European consistency in approach.

IAB Members may download a report on the first year’s activity of the EDAA in  EDAA First year of Activity Report  Click Here

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