IAB Ireland, as part of the global IAB network believes in an ad funded internet. IAB standards are informed by principles and rules to promote sustainable and responsible digital marketing & advertisingOur aim is to help brands reach their audiences and to provide revenue to publishers so they can continue to make their content, services and applications widely available.

IAB’s global initiatives are designed to both improve user experience of digital advertising whilst also protecting the digital advertising ecosystem from ad fraud.


The Coalition for Better Ads standards improve user experience of digital advertising by eliminating annoying ad formats, these formats have been identified through global research on user experience.

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  • IAB Techlabs has developed Ads.txt to help prevent the sale of counterfeit and unauthorised impressions in programmatic transactions. 

Ads.txt identifies a publishers authorised digital sellers to combat ad fraud – see more here

  • Sellers.json & Open RTB Supply Chain Object 

These tools improve accountability within the digital supply chain and help combat ad fraud see more at


As we approach the decommissioning of third party cookies our industry is collaborating in new addressability solutions.

Project REARC was launched by IAB Tech Lab in Q1 2020 to spur collaboration to develop privacy-centric solutions supporting addressability in advertising, given the changes to third-party cookies and other identifiers. REARC is focused on the development of Accountability and Addressability solutions through cross industry collaboration.

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IAB Europe’s Post Third Party Cookie Taskforce provides feedback into Project REARC’s proposals as well as providing a unique set of skills and European perspective in order to find a way for the digital advertising industry in the post third-party cookie era.

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IAB Ireland has created a Post Third Party Cookie Working Group of members to receive updates and to participate in both IAB Europe’s and IAB Tech Lab’s development of new User ID standards. The working group will also participate in IAB Ireland briefings to facilitate knowledge sharing with members on these important initiatives.

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