IAB Ireland Publisher Members’ Charter

IAB Ireland Publisher Members are working together to build a sustainable future for Digital Advertising in Ireland.

Our aims are to be fair, open and transparent with our Advertising Partners and our Users.

We are committed to working together:

  • to reduce ad fraud,
  • to improve the digital advertising experience
  • to increase brand safety.

Ad Fraud:

Ad Fraud affects the entire online advertising industry.  It deprives advertisers of reaching valid audiences and denies publishers revenues which they lose from the purchase of fraudulent inventory.

To minimise the risk of ad fraud we commit to the following:

  • We do not count traffic as we consider to be non-human towards campaigns
  • We continue to work with technology providers and partners to identify non-human traffic and exclude it from our report
  • We support and use Ads.txt to prevent illegitimate sellers that seek to programmatically arbitrage our inventory and spoof our domains. We encourage all agencies and clients using programmatic buying methods to check the validity of the inventory they purchase and ensure it is only being purchased via authorised channels.   More about txt.

Brand Safety:

We commit to using the best technology available, at the highest settings, to ensure inappropriate contexts are excluded, examples include:

  • Independently created blacklists
  • Relevant Brands safety filters in place
  • Google DoubleClick Bid Manager content ratings – excludes inventory based on the suggested viewer maturity
  • Google DoubleClick Bid Manager sensitive category inclusions – excludes inventory aligned to content which is sensitive or controversial
  • Targeting Technology in order to honour exclusions for advertisers who may not wish to be seen against certain content
  • We commit to ensuring our pages are coded correctly to flag content that is inappropriate (eg. disasters) to minimise an advertiser’s reputational damage

Our Commitment to our Users:

Our foremost concern is the experience of our users and maintaining the relationship of trust we have with them.

  • We protect our user’s privacy to ensure the use of data is compliant with GDPR with appropriate users consent, the data usage is controlled and the data is kept secure
  • We commit that our digital advertising formats are compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads More on the Coalition here.
  • We strive to ensure that advertising doesn’t obscure content, interfere with a reader’s experience or disrupt the functionality of any of our platforms
  • We commit to ensuring that Native Content Advertising is clearly defined and labelled when a commercial relationship exists

Audience Segment composition:

We are completely transparent with our commercial partners about how all our digital audience segments are built.

  • Our premium audience segments are based on first-party, declared and / or behavioural data.

Reporting & Viewability:

  • We make full reporting – as provided by our ad server (Google DoubleClick for Publishers or AdsWizz/Triton if Digital Audio) available to our clients for on-site and off-site buys.
  • All digital campaign metrics are verified by independent third party technology providers (eg. Viewability by DoubleClick Active View or Moat, CTR by DoubleClick for Publishers, Grapeshot, Digital Audio LTR & Impressions by AdsWizz/Triton).
  • We commit to using Third party verification vendors as chosen by our Advertiser / Agency partners.
  • We commit to providing true and accurate reports from 3rd party software for any branded content, video or podcast created and seeded out on our channels.
  • Viewability is an ongoing concern for the whole digital advertising ecosystem. Knowing that ads are actually being viewed by users is the cornerstone of any successful campaign. With that in mind, we are committed to working with advertisers, agencies and third party verification vendors to ensure that Viewability is measureand your agencies to ensure that Viewability is measured accurately and delivers to your specific campaign objectives.