IAB Ireland Gold Standard

What is the Gold Standard?

IAB Ireland adopted the Gold Standard, which was originally developed by IAB UK, in 2021.    The Gold Standard is recognised as being a powerful initiative, which has evolved to keep pace with a fast changing industry.  

A recent IAB Europe pan-european survey on Digital Advertising Quality showed that Buyers are positive about Industry standards such as the Gold Standard. 

The survey also found that buyers are willing to pay more for premium, high quality and trusted inventory and that the majority prefer to spend their advertising budget with suppliers that adhere to industry standards in the area of quality. See more on those results here

The Gold Standard has four main aims:

  • To uphold brand safety
  • To tackle ad fraud
  • to improve the digital advertising experience and
  • to help compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy law

The standard continues to adapt to help drive a healthy, sustainable digital ad ecosystem with these most recent additions (Nov 2022): 

  • In addition to digital display and video, the Gold Standard will cover companies operating in emerging digital offerings like Audio, CTV and in-game advertising.   
  • The Ad Fraud criteria has also been renamed Security and Fraud and has additional requirements across all categories.    

Certifications and Re-Certifications in Ireland will now include these new requirements – see more information on the added elements here.

About the Gold Standard in Ireland

You must be an IAB Ireland member to become Gold Standard registered and certified in Ireland.

Stage 1 You apply to IAB Ireland to become Gold Standard registered, and commit to working towards Gold Standard certification.

Stage 2 You will be required to provide evidence that you are meeting the criteria across all four pillars – members have six months to complete this.

Stage 3 After your evidence has been reviewed and accepted, you will then become Gold Standard certified.

Please note: there is no cost to IAB Ireland members for participation in the Gold Standard itself. However, certification for the TAG Brand Safety Certified Guidelines does carry financial costs.

To view the criteria, and to check which category your company belongs to, download the pdf here.

Enquiries to: maeve@iabireland.ie