Best Practice Creative Guidelines

Build for the medium

Your listeners are hearing your message through music. Consider using music matching, moment, and moods to make your ads feel natural to the platform

Talk to your listeners

Ads that are personalised to the listener see higher engagement. Consider using a softer, more targeted approach to your messaging- “we know you love pop, why not check out the latest gigs in your area”

85% of Spotify users are listening via headphones, remember its more of a 1-1 conversation vs 1-many

Introduce yourself in the first 5 seconds

Take advantage of the first few seconds to disclose who you are and your purpose

ALWAYS include a call to action

We have seen ads with 2 CTAs performed x3 better than those with none

Don’t forget our clickable companion image

Match the CTA on your audio ad and use bright eye catching colours. Tell them to look and click!

Be clear and stay on point

Your message could get lost in an off topic skit, joke or testimonial making it tough for your listeners to connect to the brand

Communicate benefits

Talk about exclusives, sales or promotional codes in your creative

Keep a consistent tone and tempo

As a rule of thumb work to 55-95 words for a 30” ad

Use an influencer or celebrity, if possible

Not everyone can afford Morgan Freeman (if you can it wouldn’t hurt!)

Don’t use more voices than necessary

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