An IAB Ireland note on the DPC Report on the use of cookies and other tracking technologies


The Data Protection Commission published yesterday (6 April 2020) a report on the use of cookies and other tracking devices.  Read the full Report here.

The report findings are based on the DPC’s  review/sweep which was conducted between August and December 2019 across a selection of websites.  A range of sectors featured in this sweep including media and publishing, which are of particular relevance to IAB Ireland members.

The DPC points out that it did not undertake a broader examination of the adtech industry or RTB as it is carrying out a series of separate inquiries into these issues. However the DPC observed that it was clear that these types of tracking devices are in use and central to the business models of many of the websites examined.

The report is essential reading for all members of the digital advertising industry and I would urge you to ensure that it is reviewed internally by your GDPR/Data Protection teams and your legal advisors.

While all of the content is important, we would like to draw your attention in particular to the following pages:

Page 8 : Recommendations in respect of User interfaces

Pages 17 & 18 : Examples of bad and good cookie banners

Pages 19-21: New DPC guidance and follow-up with the controllers who took part in the review/sweep by the DPC

Pages 22 & 23: Enforcement

As the report is currently being reviewed by members of our Policy Council and the IAB Europe policy team, we will share any further observations or comments as relevant.

Suzanne McElligott, CEO, IAB Ireland