The role of Digital across the Advertising Funnel


Digital advertising’s rapid global growth has democratised the space. Display and video options are now wide-ranging, data-based
targeting with geofencing and sequential solutions for different parties are available and campaigns of all budget levels are impacting brand salience.

To help advertisers understand how their strategy could look, IAB UK worked with partners On Device Research (ODR) to analyse
516 ad campaigns globally that made use of digital from 2018-2021.

They found that campaigns that utilised the full funnel effects of digital achieved the best results, with the top performing campaigns for both awareness and consideration driving greater purchase intent. In line with these findings, they have developed 10 best practice principles to help advertisers maximise digital’s effectiveness across the funnel such as:

  • Display is more impactful than video at driving awareness
  • Adapting and targeting relevant creative to distinct audience groups drives even stronger consideration & purchase intent
  • Using first or third-party data can improve relevance & engagement with your audiences
  • Video is more impactful than display in driving consideration and purchase intent

We would like to thank IAB UK for allowing us to share this really interesting research project with our members. You can download the full deck here and the shorter deck here.