Webinar Recording: IAB Tech Lab – Roadmap plus analysis of Google Privacy Sandbox


Tony Katsur, CEO IAB Techlab, shared with us the Tech Lab Roadmap as well as the recently published IAB Techlab analysis of Google Privacy Sandbox

IAB Tech Lab released its analysis of Google Privacy Sandbox on 6th February, 2024. The document is intended to inform the industry about the changes and how digital advertising will function in the Privacy Sandbox, create a call to action for industry to start testing and engage with Google Chrome team and provide Google Chrome team with industry feedback. Industry participants are encouraged to actively contribute feedback and insights during the 45-day public comment period. To review and comment on the full report, please visit here.

Gaby Jenkins, Partner Manager, Privacy Sandbox Partnerships contributed to the Q&A and reiterated Tony’s encouragement to engage and start testing relevant Privacy Sandbox APIs. The resource Gaby referenced for understanding third party cookie dependencies which may include advertising, but other use cases as well such as embedding videos, logging in to name a few, and helping sites to prepare for third party cookie deprecation can be found here.  This resource can be used to identify what third party cookies are being set, and by whom, and for what purpose.  The instructions in this resource outline how to test sites to understand how critical user journeys might be impacted by third party cookie deprecation.

Update – 15 February 2024 – the Privacy Sandbox team have issued a response to the IAB Tech Lab report. A summary is available here. The full 35-page response is here

You can view the webinar recording below: