Global Mobile Advertising revenue tops €24 billion ($31.9 billion) in 2014


13th August, 2015 – IAB Europe, the U.S. IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence and IHS Technology have revealed their global figures for mobile advertising revenue which surged 64.8% to €24.0bn ($31.9bn) in 2014 from €14.6bn ($19.3) in 2013, driven by continued shifting use in devices and changing consumption patterns and broad-ranging industry initiatives.

Mobile display shows highest growth

Mobile display again shows the highest growth at 88.1% whilst mobile search followed closely, up 55.2%. Messaging grew 13%, as users continue to migrate from operator-owned messaging services to app-based messaging platforms.

Search no longer remains the dominant segment with a 46.1% share at €11bn ($14.7bn), in 2014 as display has just overtaken with a 47.4% share at €11.4bn ($15.1bn), and messaging takes a 6.6% share at €1.6bn ($2.1bn).

North America takes the highest share

The share by region of the global figure of €23.9bn ($31.9bn) for 2014 is:

  • North America: 44.9% (€10.8bn / $14.3bn)
  • Asia-Pacific: 36.5% (€8.8bn / $11.7bn)
  • Europe: 16.6% (€4bn / $5.3bn)
  • Middle East & Africa: 1.2% (€0.3bn / $0.4bn)
  • Latin America: 0.8% (€0.2bn / $0.2bn)

All regions grew by over 50%

Growth year-over-year was led by North America, which saw a 76.8% leap over the 2013 figures. All regions grew by over 50%:

  • North America – 76.8%
  • Middle East and Africa – 68.5%
  • Latin America – 66.1%
  • Europe – 58.6%
  • Asia-Pacific – 54.5%

“The Global Mobile Advertising revenue numbers demonstrate the strength of mobile both in Europe and globally and help us to understand the scale and opportunity it brings to digital as a marketing platform,” said Townsend Feehan, CEO, IAB Europe. “It’s important that advertisers, agencies and publishers fully understand consumer behaviour as the differences between the devices diminish and the potential for engagement with digital content grows. IAB Europe continues to invest in research, education and training and the development of business standards to support digital growth.”

“Mobile devices are at the center of consumers’ lives across the globe and these numbers reflect brands’ increasing recognition that this medium holds great power,” said Anna Bager, Senior Vice President, IAB and General Manager, IAB Mobile Marketing Center and Digital Video Centers of Excellence. “Now is the time for the industry to coalesce on standards and guidelines to build even more momentum for mobile marketing around the world.”

Mobile yet again proves to be key to the continual evolution of the online advertising market. These numbers have been underpinned by the industry coming together to collaborate and create improvements to mobile advertising infrastructure,” said Daniel Knapp, Director of Advertising Research, IHS. “Technology is now better explained, measurement is improving, targeting is better aligned with other media to help advertisers reach and engage with their audiences.


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