HFSS Product Advertising is included in IAB Tech Lab’s Ad Product Taxonomy version 1.1

Group of Sweet and Salty Snacks, Perfect for Binge Watching

Following the ASAI code’s inclusion of a threshold for High Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) advertising across all media including a threshold of no more than 25% of digital inventory, IAB Ireland members from publishers, adtech and agencies joined a working group set up by ASAI to consider the effective implementation of the digital threshold.

Given the nature of programmatic advertising, publishers do not receive information on the product category when the advertising is served programmatically. IAB Tech Lab’s Ad Product Taxonomy is a standardised nomenclature for describing the product or service being advertised within a creative unit. It enables publishers to have oversight of the types of programmatic ads that get delivered to their website. The buy-side support the standard by tagging creative units with taxonomy metadata so that it is machine-readable by publishers upon creative render.

IAB Ireland CEO, Suzanne McElligott and Simon Bennett, Senior Director, Strategy, Yahoo presented the case for including HFSS to Tech Lab’s Ad Product Taxonomy working group. They highlighted that 21 countries across the globe have statutory or self-regulation rules for HFSS in place including the EU’s Audio Visual Media Services Directive and Ireland’s ASAIcode. Recognising the importance of assisting the global advertising industry to identifyHFSS programmatic advertising in seeking to comply with HFSS regulations, IAB Tech Lab supported the addition of this product category in version 1.1 and this is open for public comment for a 30 day period to August 13th.

Welcoming the inclusion of HFSS in the IAB Tech Lab’s Ad Product Taxonomy, IAB Ireland CEO, Suzanne McElligott said, “This has been an important collaboration across our members in partnership with ASAI illustrating the commitment of Ireland’s digital advertising industry to effective self-regulation. It also illustrates the positive response from IAB Tech Lab to proposals from other markets designed to update the operation of its Ad Product Taxonomy to benefit the global digital ad industry.”

For further information please contact: Suzanne McElligott, CEO, IAB Ireland, Tel: 086 2260403 and Email: suzanne@iabireland.ie