Ad Net Zero – July 2022 webinar recording


On Thursday 21st July, we held a webinar to share the detail behind Ad Net Zero – Advertising’s response to the climate emergency.

IAB Ireland is delighted to work with IAPI (Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland), AAI (Advertising Association of Ireland), MII (The Marketing Institute of Ireland, CPI (Commercial Producers of Ireland) in this initiative which launched in Ireland in June.  

The collective ambition is for the Irish Advertising Industry to be Ad Net Zero by 2030.

In this webinar, Elizabeth Sheehan, Chair of the Ad Net Zero Council took our members through the initiative including some research, the 5 actions and the resources available to help companies on all sides of the Advertising and Marketing ecosystem to join the process.

We can all agree that Ad Net Zero requires an immediate and collective response.  Agency research conducted by IAPI in the Irish market showed that:

  • 92% are worried about the negative impacts of our Industry on the environment
  • 91% agree that our Industry has an important role to play in addressing climate change because of our ability to connect with Irish consumers
  • However, only 40% have started carbon calculations for their businesses.

Ad Net Zero has devised an Action plan with 5 key actions as follows:

  1. Get your house in order
  2. Curb emissions from Ad Production (Film)
  3. Curb emissions from media planning and buying
  4. Curb emissions through awards and from events
  5. Harness Advertising’s power to support Consumer Behaviour Change

Elizabeth took us all through the actions one by one in the webinar including details on the initiatives and supports available to help companies to succeed.

There are roles for all our members in this important initiative from agencies, brands, platforms and publishers.

You can view the webinar recording below and the sample Licence agreement for IAB Ireland members including details on costs involved depending on your role in the Industry is available to view here.

So how do you get involved?

Email and to express your interest and we will forward your details to the project manager.   They will then be in touch to sign you up to join.

We will continue to share information on this project and encourage all of our members to sign up and join this exciting and crucial initiative for our Industry.