IAB Europe launches Public Comment for GDPR TCF ver 2.0


IAB Europe Launches Public Comment for its GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework Version 2.0

IAB Europe, alongside the IAB Tech Lab, have today announced that the Policies and Technical Specifications for version 2.0 of the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) are being made available for public comment.

The opportunity to comment will last for 30 days, up to 25th May 2019.

The first iteration of the TCF was developed to enable the digital advertising ecosystem to comply with certain obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive. It is the largest industry collaboration of its kind and the only compliance solution that was built by the industry, for the industry. The TCF addresses the needs of every part of the advertising value chain, from publishers and technology companies through to agencies, advertisers, and consumers.

Following feedback from the market, alongside discussions with EU Member State data protection authorities (DPAs), the TCF has been updated to provide more consumer choice, greater publisher controls and the accommodation of GDPR “legitimate interests”, including a right to object through the TCF.

For further details on the proposed changes, please visit the IAB Europe website

This is the first major new TCF release and the only significant one planned for the year.

Following the close of the public comment period, once the technical specifications and Policies have been finalised, detailed implementation manuals will be issued for vendors, publishers and Consent Management Platforms (CMPs).  

As part of the consultation process, IAB Europe will be holding two webinars to outline the proposed changes:

  • 7th May (Publishers)
  • 8th May (CMPs and Vendors) 

To register, and review TCF v.2.0, please visit www.iabeurope.eu/tcf.