IAB Europe new guide to In-App Advertising


In-App Advertising is an exciting growth area and provides many opportunities for advertisers today. But as with any new or emerging channel or format, there are still barriers to overcome, including fundamental industry changes that are
affecting digital advertising – and the in-app advertising market in particular – such as Apple’s IDFA.

IAB Europe has developed a really useful guide to In-App Advertising.

The guide covers:

  • The evolution of the In-App Marketplace, and the In-App opportunities for both brands and publishers.
  • In-App Formats and an update on the Coalition for Better Ads latest research (2021) to avoid bad ad experiences in In-App environments.
  • Measurement: leveraging privacy-friendly Attention metrics, OM SDK, VAST 4. x and the Deprecation of VPAID.
  • Other Industry Changes & Challenges
  • In-App Advertising and CTV

As we move into 2022 and beyond, consumer privacy will play a more prominent role in ad targeting that is based on user data collection, and advertisers will continue to look for more control; buyers worldwide are already utilising PMPs to help them protect their branding and avoid ad fraud and this will continue to form a fundamental part of the planning process.

On the other side, online publishers with their own mobile apps will be able to make use of first-party data, leveraging it to build audiences, and media buyers can really start to take advantage of the rich data points that mobile inventories can offer in terms of targeting, ROI, and customer experiences. Video ads will also continue to lead in this space.

Many thanks to our colleagues in IAB Europe and the contributors for producing a really useful and practical Guide to In-App advertising. Check it out here.