Retail Digital Strategies for Black Friday & Christmas 2021 – Event presentations and recordings


Retail Digital Strategies for Black Friday & Christmas 2021

Date – 13th October 2021, 10am – 12pm

Retail Ireland Skillnet in partnership with IAB Ireland hosted a workshop to help retailers prepare for Black Friday and Christmas 2021.

Event presentations & recordings:

Richard Colwell, CEO, Red C Research

Richard shared the latest Red C Research which has tracked the accelerated move to digital during the pandemic, in particular the move to online shopping.  He translated these insights into tips and actions for your retail brand for Christmas 2021, and beyond.

See Richard’s presentation below:

Scott Field, Head of Commerce, UK & Ireland, Facebook 

Scott’s presentation was titled “Discovery Commerce for Retailers” and he explained how to effectively acquire, retain and grow customers this holiday season using Facebook platforms, tools, data and insight.

See Scott’s presentation below – to receive a copy of Scott’s deck, please email

Gillian Hughes, Head of SMB Account Management, EMEA, TikTok

Gillian shared the best opportunities for retail on TikTok, including how you can build brand awareness and affinity with your customers in creative and authentic ways. 

See Gillian’s presentation recording and the deck below.

Lauren Walsh, Industry Manager, Google

Lauren shared Google’s unique insights into Consumer Behaviour, in particular those seen in the Christmas and Black Friday 2020 season.  She shared a case study illustrating how an Irish advertiser utilised google insights and best practices across Search and Youtube to engage with Irish Consumers.

See Lauren’s presentation below. Also, links below to the Google Optiscore playbook that Lauren mentioned and more info on the automatic recommendations tool.

Meabh Connellan, Group Strategy Director, Dentsu Ireland

Meabh shared the Dentsu approach to Christmas planning for retail clients, highlighting the importance of the right creative at the right time in the right context.  She also shared how to approach contextual targeting and partnerships with local publishers to increase visibility of your retail brand. 

See Meabh’s presentation below – to receive a copy of Meabh’s deck, please email

Brendan Corbett, Group Head of Marketing, Eason and Son Ltd

Brendan spoke about the Eason journey from traditional bricks and mortar to innovative on-line retailing. Ireland’s favourite bookseller, Eason, will share their experiences and insights into growing retail businesses online.

See Brendan’s presentation below.