Search Marketing – important tips & terms


For anyone involved in digital marketing, Search Marketing in particular, it is important to stay up to date with the updates to Google AdWords. Google has a habit of launching new updates and informing us afterwards. And these are quite regular. So far in 2015 there have been 49 updates to AdWords. These updates can take the form of new features or changes to the AdWords API (Application Programming Interface) itself.

Pretty soon you could find there is a lot of Search Marketing terminology that you are unfamiliar with. Well rest easy, as we have compiled a glossary of terms, keywords if you like, including all of the new jargon and buzz words. This blog will look at some of the bigger updates to AdWords in 2015.

Google Call Forwarding

When the product is right, this feature is great. Google can now provide you with a unique phone number that’s displayed with your ads. If a potential customer calls this phone number, AdWords will forward the call onto your business phone number. This enables you to see detailed reports about calls generated from your ads. Details like call duration, call start and end time, caller area code (for landlines), and whether the call was connected. You can count phone calls of a specified duration as conversions and use automated bidding strategies to increase likelihood of conversions.

Core Media have seen a strong call conversion rates on accounts with Google Call Forwarding. And it’s possible with the insights into landline area codes can help pinpoint opportunities for location targeting.

Final URLs

Google changed the way we manage Tracking URL’s. This upgrade replaces the Destination URL field with a final URL field, and creates a new field for tracking management. With Destination URL’s any time you updated tracking information Ads would stop running while the URL was re-reviewed. Not only that, but Ad statistics would reset. So you lose that data. Now with Upgraded URL’s, the Ad and ad statistics keep running when make tracking adjustments.

RLSA Audiences from Google Analytics 

RLSA ia a remarketing list for search ad’s. You can create remarketing lists of users who have; spent a certain amount of time on your site, viewed a number of pages on your site, or visited a specific page, group of pages or anywhere on your site.

However you will need over 1,000 users for the list to serve. But you need to make sure the audience list isn’t too restrictive, otherwise you will see zero impressions.

When creating new ad-copy for this campaign, remember not to just reuse the standard copy. The consumer has already showed interest in your brand. Mix it up and try to seal the deal!

Why not check out what terms you know and what is new? Visit IAB Ireland’s Search Marketing Glossary to review the latest terminology.


Thanks to the following for contributing to the search glossary:

Keith McGarry – MediaVest, Maria Hyland – MediaVest, Zoe Shekleton – Radical, Padhraic Stone – Starcom, Austin Woodroofe – Mediaworks, Shane Lyons – Mediaworks, Donal Murphy – Starcom