The Gold Standard – A success story


One of the remits of IAB Ireland is to Protect Digital Advertising.   Together with our members, we have always run events and produced guides to best practice – to grow trust and confidence in digital advertising, and ultimately to ensure a sustainable industry.  

In February 2021, we launched the Gold Standard in Ireland – this has been a really tangible way for our members to show their commitment to best standards in Digital.   We have had an overwhelming positive response from across our member base – nine are already fully certified, with 8 further members registered and in the process of certification.   The process takes around 6 months to complete.  

The aim of the Gold Standard is to improve the digital advertising experience – the four pillars of the standard are:

  • To tackle ad fraud
  • To uphold brand safety standards
  • To improves the user experience 
  • To help compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy law

Developed by IAB UK, the Gold Standard is recognised as being a powerful initiative, the standards are global, which is crucial in Digital to ensure our members are working to the highest standards and technology.  IAB Ireland is feeding into a wider IAB Europe initiative to ensure compatible standards among other national IAB’s in Europe.

We are delighted to have 7 brand supporters, AIB, An Post, Aer Lingus, Diageo, Laya Healthcare, Nissan and Vodafone – these brands are the leaders in terms of standards and their support has been really crucial in promoting the Gold Standard in Ireland.  

We’ve been really pleased with the work our members are putting into Gold Standard certification, the process is rigorous, includes a third party audit for the Brand Safety element and it takes a big commitment and time to implement across all four pillars of the standard.   

Gold Standard certification is available in Ireland to IAB Ireland members exclusively, the only element that has an additional cost is for Brand Safety, and this is as it’s a global brand safety certification that requires a third party audit.   More information on the Gold Standard is available here or you can contact