Brand new Irish research explores the digital savvy consumer & the opportunities for growth for brands


83% of Irish Consumers have shopped online in the last 3 months

2 in 5 expect 24/7 Online Customer Service

We have entered a new era of brand creation – one in which Direct Brands are forging strong customer relationships, winning meaningful marketing share, and reshaping the way startups and incumbents alike are taking consumer goods and services to market.

IAB Ireland commissioned RED C to report on the Digital Savvy Consumer identifying the key trends in the path to purchase, interaction between traditional and digital channels, adoption of new shopping technologies, drivers and barriers of digital channels, and segments most likely to embrace the new digital opportunities.

Jimmy Larsen from RED C presented the fresh findings at IAB MoVi on 25th October 2018, clearly highlighting digital opportunities and challenges for Irish brands.

Key Findings:

  1. Online shopping is common across the population and will continue to grow at the expense of physical stores.
  2. Online shopping from a PC remains bigger than mobile shopping but this will change.
  3. Websites need to be optimised for all devices, be easy to navigate and provide detailed product information and possible product reviews.
  4. 24/7 customer service is becoming the norm – brands that do not offer this will lose out.
  5. Consumers are embracing IoT and are likely to utilise VR/AR in the future for product reviews.

Full presentation is available to view here.