IAB MoVi 2018


The Power of the Digital Consumer was the theme for IAB MoVi 2018, IAB Ireland’s annual Mobile and Video Advertising Conference.

We have entered a new era of brand creation – one in which Direct Brands are forging strong customer relationships, winning meaningful marketing share, and reshaping the way startups and incumbents alike are taking consumer goods and services to market.

IAB MoVi addressed this topic throughout the morning with a range of presentations exploring the Mobile and Video opportunity to really engage, excite and respect these consumers.

Below are links to the presentation or to websites for further information:

The Digital Savvy Consumer

  • Jimmy Larsen, Director, RedC Research presented brand new IAB Ireland commissioned research on the Digital Savvy Consumer identifying the key trends in the path to purchase, interaction between traditional and digital channels, adoption of new shopping technologies, drivers and barriers of digital channels, and segments most likely to embrace the new digital opportunities.   Check out the presentation here.

What Builds Brand Love?

  • Anita Caras, Director, Sales Data Insights for Oath EMEA, took us through an in-depth Oath report in partnership with Kantar Consulting, eliciting the opinions of 150,000 consumers across 13 markets providing the drivers of brand love and individual brand scores.    When you feel love for someone or something, it pushes you to do all sorts of wonderful and crazy things so it makes sense that love is also the most important ingredient for building a successful brand. Love is what takes a brand from good to great, from awareness to affinity and from buyers to followers. But how do we take advantage of this understanding and dig deep to comprehensively explore the drivers behind Brand Love?   For more on this topic, please go to love.com/uk

Viewer Behaviour in the Digital World

  • Jill McGrath, CEO, TAM Ireland shared TAM’s overview on how the video landscape has changed over the last number of years and how that has effected Irish Viewer Behaviour.  Download Jill’s presentation TAM_MoVi presentation.

The 10 Be’s of Being in 2018

  • Claire Hyland, Head of Insights & Strategy at Thinkhouse presented next.   In this age of radical change, where brand scepticism is high, and brand trust low, how do brands looking to engage with 16-24 year olds behave?   Claire explored how brands, and Marketers, often ‘miss the mark’ in marketing and provide 10 Guiding Principles to drive relevance with a youth audience.     Download Claire’s presentation THINKHOUSE_DONT MISS THE MARK_IAB.

Using Video to power Consumer Engagement

  • Justin Barrett, Senior Director Operations, Brightcove EMEA presented around how Video moves us.  The most effective videos tell a story, they evoke emotion, get to the heart of your audiences’ pain points or desires, and present an actionable solution.  However, as the use of video becomes increasingly sophisticated, brands are looking for new interactive ways to keep them one step ahead of their competition.   Delivering impactful digital experiences has become a key strategy to power consumer engagement.   Download Justin’s presentation Brightcove NEW_Engagement video trends IAB.

Live Streaming Video Research

  • Nigel Roth, Managing Director, OnDevice Research shared for us the Irish data on Live Video Streaming.   68% of Irish Consumers are live streaming video, we heard more about why, where, when and the opportunities for brands to get involved in this area.   Download Nigel’s presentation OnDevice_Live Streaming & Brand Opportunity IAB.

The Rules of Engagement: Video

  • Elaine Doyle, Head of YouTube Ireland works with Ireland’s top Domestic and Export clients across multiple verticals, building strategies for large scale Local and Global campaigns. She shared her experience and views on how clients can and do amazing Video can really engage with customers in a Video world. 

Winning with Content in the Attention Economy

  • Cian McDonagh, Digital Marketing Manager, Three Ireland took us through Three Ireland’s Content strategy.  With attention spans reducing, how can you appeal and cut through with content and inspire action and loyalty from new and existing customer.  Download Cian’s presentation Three_IAB Movi 2018.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@iabireland.ie and we look forward to seeing you at our future events and workshops.

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