Buyers are positive about Industry Standards such as the Gold Standard


From its launch in the UK in 2018 and adoption in Ireland in 2021 the IAB Gold Standard has rapidly become a prerequisite for companies identifying partners in the digital advertising supply chain. Now a requirement in the leading global media agencies T & C’s, the Gold Standard is an established benchmark for quality digital advertising practices. 

IAB Europe conducted a pan-european study to ascertain Buyers attitudes to Digital Advertising quality.  

The research looked at the following: 

  • What are buyers’ concerns and attitudes around digital advertising?
  • What are the differences between brands and agencies in these concerns?
  • What’s the impact of a National Quality Scheme?

Topline results are very encouraging:

  • 91% aware of IAB Industry standards
  • 92% agreeing with the statement ‘I prefer spending my advertising budget with suppliers that adhere to Industry standards’
  • 73% ​​agreeing they check if a media owner or supplier adheres to industry standards before spending budget with them

The results of the survey can be downloaded here

Introducing the latest version of the Gold Standard

IAB Ireland is currently working with IAB UK to implement some changes to the Gold Standard, to ensure that the standards are evolving to meet Industry needs.  

The changes are as follows:

  1. In addition to digital display and video, the Gold Standard will cover companies that specialise in emerging digital media offerings like Audio, CTV and In-game advertising. 
  2. Requirements within the Security & Fraud section will be updated to include:
    • Ads.txt 1.1  Ads.txt has been updated to require companies adhere to the latest version of ads.txt, 1.1, which increases levels of transparency and strengthens the ads.txt initiative. 
    • Buyers.json and DemandChain Object  Both initiatives are new additions for Gold Standard 2.1. They have been introduced to the Gold Standard as they bring more end-to-end transparency of the programmatic supply chain, helping publishers address the challenge of Scam Ads. 
    • Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK)   The OM SDK is a widely adopted industry standard. Requirements to adopt this initiative as part of the Gold Standard have been introduced as this initiative is successful in facilitating third party viewability and verification measurement for ads served in web video, app and CTV environments. 

All certifications and re-certifications in Ireland will now include these new requirements, and we look forward to supporting our members through these changes.

Queries on the Gold Standard in Ireland can be emailed to and