Consumer Barometer: use of the Internet around the world, with an Irish view


Introducing the Consumer Barometer by Google, a handy online tool which provides local data on the Irish market regarding digital consumer insights. 

The Consumer Barometer is a tool to help understand how people use the Internet across the world. It is a free online tool, that delivers consumer insights to support planning and decision-making in a fast changing digital landscape, covering 56 countries globally. More importantly, in relation to the Irish market, it provides fresh (the latest is February 2015) and relevant local Irish results and analysis.

Provided by Google and it’s partners, the Consumer Barometer reports its analysis under these headings:

  • Online & Multi-screen World
  • Smart Shopper
  • Local Shopper
  • International Shopper
  • Smart Viewer

The following methodology is used – data in the Consumer Barometer is pulled from two sources – the core Consumer Barometer questionnaire, which is focused on the adult online population, and Connected Consumer Study, which seeks to enumerate the total adult population and is used to weight the Consumer Barometer results.

It also features a useful Graph Builder tool, which enables the slicing and dicing of the data, under the various question headings for the Irish market. The resulting graphs from the builder tool, can be exported in various formats or shared on Social Media. Providing advertisers, agencies and journalists with up-to-date insight into consumers’ use of digital media.

The initial version of the Consumer Barometer was launched 9 months ago, at the end of 2014. Recently, more questions, more topics and more insights have been added. Data has been added on local searches, international purchases, user segmentation, and 10 new product categories have been added. Read more about the latest update to the Consumer Barometer tool in this Think with Google article on the new release.

Also, the latest research calls calls out Ireland for the highest percentage of internet users who have purchase products online from abroad.

purchased from ireland

Some other specific views into Irish online behaviour: 
  • The Irish shopper is an online shopper  – 56% research online, (18% are researching online only) with 1 in 3 going on to purchase online
  • 23% use smartphones for researching online but when issues are encountered, 25% of users will switch to another site
  • Video is huge. 66% of Irish watch online video daily or weekly and they are focused while doing so

Find out more about the Consumer Barometer, the research methodology, frequency and the partners involved here.