Global Certification in Digital Advertising Operations – first successful candidates


IAB Ireland are delighted to announce that Electric Media & RTE Digital are the first successful candidates to achieve the global certification. Read more in the Adworld article.



Certification in Digital Advertising Operations

Digital media is always evolving. The skill set required for Advertising Operations professionals needs to move with these changes. With the proliferation of more and more platforms and channels, ad units and formats, metrics and tools, standardised knowledge is absolutely necessary to perform on the job.

Now more than ever, Digital Advertising Operations Professionals need to work intelligently in order to make campaigns run efficiently. In response to strong requests from industry leaders – IAB US developed the IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification which facilitates leading organisations in Ad Ops to prove their teams understand the latest practices, tools and terminology required to succeed in the marketplace. IAB Ireland is delighted to announce that the Digital Ad Operations Certification is now available in our market – with assessments taking place throughout January 2015.

This credential is the only professional industry-led certification created specifically for Digital Advertising Operations. It creates confidence in your business practices and most importantly in your clients. IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification is available worldwide and to anyone working in digital ad operations at Advertising Agencies, Digital Publishers, Trading Desks, Demand and Supply-Side Platforms, Exchanges and Brands organisations.

Cost to undertake the assessments for IAB members is €400 per candidate.

For further details on the January assessments, please contact Donna O’Connor at 086-8370577 /