IAB Europe launches Mobile Brand Builders, a mobile brand advertising formats suite


Brussels, 5 May 2015 – The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe) has launched Mobile Brand Builders, a suite of five mobile brand advertising formats which offers a new branding environment to advertisers.


Gavin Stirrat, Chief Operating Officer at StrikeAd said: “The Mobile Brand Builders lay the foundation for brand advertisers to scale their brand communications via mobile whilst integrating effectively with other channels. This is thanks to a simple set of formats which will resonate with brands and are accessible via programmatic platforms.”


The recommendation aims to address four key objectives:

  • Drive brand investment into digital
  • Fuel the increase of brand advertising on mobile through Programmatic Trading
  • Simplify the landscape of mobile ad formats across Europe
  • Reduce the processes and costs related with planning and booking national and Europe-wide brand advertising campaigns


The key benefits of the suite are:

  • Only five formats recommended in total
  • Two-phase option (static or dynamic) for all formats to optimally support brand advertisers’ objectives and agencies’ creativity
  • The only format prescription within the suite is the pixel dimension for the static formats, the rest is a blank canvas giving flexibility to the advertiser/ creative agency
  • Recommendation of the already-popular 300×250 format to enable (programmatic) brand advertising across channels
  • A 16:9 TV compatible dimension to make brand advertising across TV and digital easier. By providing a 16:9 TV compatible dimension the suite is able to support in-page video advertising
  • Compatibility with other format recommendations – the Mobile Brand Builders are compatible with the more prescriptive IAB / MMA format standards and the more creative IAB Mobile Rising Stars
  • A best practice list to enable effective brand building in the mobile environment


Following on from the PC and Tablet in-page Brand Builder formats published last year, IAB Europe has been focusing on Mobile display which now has a double-digit proportion of display advertising spend in Europe1.


The formats recommended in the Mobile Brand Builders suite are:


Mobile display ad formats:

  • Full Page Flex
  • 300×250
  • 300×50
  • 320×50


Mobile video ad format:

  • 300×169 (16×9 TV compatible)


The smartphone banner formats (300 and 320×50) are recognised within the recommendation due to their current popularity across Europe, however combining these with larger formats or other media exposure, e.g. timed with TV advertising slots, within one campaign and using them as a pre-cursor to a richer ad format experience in a larger format may be more suitable for achieving positive branding effects.


Markus Breuer, Director of Mobile and Emerging Channels at nugg.ad said: “The diverse number of small mobile formats has created an entry hurdle for advertisers and planners and prevented brand building via mobile. The Mobile Brand Builders aim to simplify this to make planning and booking mobile branding campaigns more efficient and enable maximum creativity with larger interactive formats.”


The Mobile Brand Builders form part of the Ad Formats pillar of the IAB Europe Brand Advertising Framework2 and were developed through a bottom up approach which consisted of a pan-European survey and desk research to understand the current formats landscape in Europe, and the current recommendations/ standards in place, e.g. the IAB / MMA format standards. IAB Europe also undertook an outreach phase to gather feedback from the local IABs and major mobile DSPs to ensure the recommendation is suitable for the market place.


Download the Mobile Brand Builders recommendation here


IAB Europe’s next steps will be to focus on responsive design formats and a Video Ad Formats Task Force will start to develop a recommendation for in-stream brand advertising across screens.




Media please contact:

Marie-Clare Puffett  – puffett@iabeurope.eu


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Notes to editors:

1 IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark 2013 report – the definitive guide to the state of the European online advertising market

The IAB Europe Brand Advertising Framework

IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee aims to provide Brand Advertisers with a reliable and trusted Brand Advertising Framework for the converging digital and traditional media environment. The Framework is composed of a set of initiatives designed to be compatible with global programmes and there are three areas of focus – ad formats, Metrics and KPIs and audience segments and quality.