IAB Ireland Guide to Contextual Targeting


IAB Ireland Launches Contextual Targeting Guide 24/2/21

Digital advertising has been built on the ability to track individual’s online usage in order
to measure performance better, target more effectively and understand users more
deeply. However with the phasing out of third party cookies the digital advertising
industry is now focused on developing user identity solutions for a cookie less world.

One of the most significant contributors to this change of focus has been the growth in
users’ understanding of online privacy and their desire for protection of their privacy and
data.This has been accelerated by increasing regulations in this area such as GDPR
and the phasing out of third party cookies by browsers. There has also been a growing
realisation that third party data when matched across multiple sources may have some
limitations around accuracy potentially resulting in optimisation challenges.
IAB Ireland has set up a Post Third Party Cookie Taskforce which is dedicated to
sharing global and local solutions for a cookieless world. Contextual advertising has
been identified as one of the alternate means of communicating to more relevant
audiences and interests.

Taskforce members from Converge Digital, DMG Media Ireland, Group M, INM and The
Irish Times
have compiled IAB Ireland’s Guide to Contextual Targeting.

Download the Guide here: