IAB Ireland holds Briefing on Viewable Impressions – definition, trading & measurement


Given the global focus on Viewable Impression definition, measurement and trading, IAB Ireland’s Display Council hosted a briefing today in order to facilitate a better understanding and discussion on this topic.

For the last 20 years digital advertising has evolved to become the most accountable advertising medium, delivering unparalleled levels of data insight and effectiveness measurement. IAB’s global research across display, video and mobile advertising consistently proves the ability of digital to deliver for brands. This in turn has driven the growth of digital advertising with a 40% growth tracked in our most recent IAB Ireland PwC Online Adspend study and a total digital adspend of €250m forecast for 2014.

We can anticipate even stronger digital campaign results when Viewable Impressions are adopted as a metric resulting in a consequential increase in Digital Adspend as this new metric gains traction going forward.

During the briefing, Steve Chester, of IAB UK shared the background to Viewable Impression measurement in the UK and gave an update on the collaboration of the UK market in relation to definitions, standards and measurement. Richard Foan of ABC and JICWEBS then provided an overview on vendor accreditation and the next steps taken in the UK market.

Three presentations followed from Industry Vendors: comScore, Moat and FLE Marsh, sharing best practice and data, both local and global regarding Viewable Impression measurement.

Finally there was a cross industry panel with Barry Dooley representing AAI (Advertisers Association of Ireland), Jill Robinson, Group M representing IAPI (Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland), Denise Farrelly, Google, Steve Chester IAB UK and Suzanne McElligott, CEO, IAB Ireland. Mark Gilleran, Chair of IAB’s Display Council chaired questions already submitted by attendees to the panel.

‘The high level of attendance at today’s event illustrates the level of interest in the development of viewable impression measurement’ commented Suzanne McElligott, CEO, IAB Ireland, she went on to say ‘IAB Ireland looks forward to working with the Irish digital advertising industry in establishing a Joint Industry Committee to develop a roadmap for Viewable Impressions for our market.’

View the Viewable Impressions speaker slides here.

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