“Klout” from “Quirky”? Jargon bust using our Social Media Glossary


This blog piece discusses some of the the new jargon in Social Media, highlighting some of the more interesting terms and phrases. Visit our new Social Media Glossary to find a comprehensive list of terms.

Do you know the difference between Crowd-sourcing and Crowd-funding? What about an Unconference from a Splog? I often come across terms that I do not understand or even worse, do not even recognise in the slightest! With new technical inventions and innovations arriving daily, new terms and words are required. However, it would be nice if there was some way of telling us these new terms and words have arrived, are in use and are liable to confuse us!

I have wondered if Digital Jargon is becoming like scientific terminology, with terms used simply to confuse, create jargon for the sake of jargon or to make those in the know feel important with a special lingo all of their own!

There is even a web site called “Technopedia” which has the grace to include it’s own Buzzwords and Jargon IT Dictionary.

As I read our recently published Social Media Glossary, I realised I am often a technological early adopters but I did not know of what! For example, I use a fitness app to record my cycling routes, but did I know about “FitBit” or it’s applications are?

Fitbit Activity Tracking
Fitbit Activity Tracking


Or what about “Geotagging”? I have been doing this (adding my location to photos, maps etc. for a while now), not knowing what it was called or exactly why I was being asked to do it. As a Blogger, I was interested to read the definitions of the various related terms, such as Micro-blogging and Splog (also known as a spam blog). Splogs are fake blogs that creation by programmes on the internet that content scrape and link build. It’s aim is to attract readership from search engines and social networks.

No splogging here please
No splogging here please

Why not check out what terms you know and what is new? Visit IAB Ireland’s Social Media Glossary to review the latest terminology.

Author: Rowena Hennigan is the Communications Executive at IAB Ireland, email: rowena@iabireland.ie