Sustainability in Digital Advertising – Webinar Recording & Useful Resources


On Thursday 9th November, 2023, we hosted a on-hour webinar which featured updates on Sustainability in Digital Advertising from IAB Europe and IAB France.

Speakers included:

  • Lauren Wakefield, Marketing & Industry Programmes Director, IAB Europe
  • Dimitris Beis, Data Analyst and Sustainability Manager, IAB Europe
  • Arthur Millet, CEO, IAB France / Alliance Digitale
  • Adeline Gabay, Consultant, IAB France / Alliance Digitale

Lauren and Dimitris shared the taxonomy of what is available and the work being done to drive the sustainability agenda in digital advertising – the webinar was tailored at an introductory level, reviewing the material and guidance available and advising on how to adapt those materials to members’ own needs.

Arthur and Adeline shared IAB France’s Framework for calculating the carbon footprint of Digital Campaigns as well as their Guide to Eco-Friendly Programmatic Media Buying.

Check out the resources referenced:

IAB TechLab – The Sustainability Playbook: Starter Guide for a Sustainable Programmatic Marketplace (June 2023) here

IAB Europe – Guide to Improving Sustainable Business Decision-Making (July 2023) Download here

IAB France – SRI/Alliance Digitale – Framework for calculating the carbon footprint of Digital Campaigns (May 2023)  here

IAB France – Guide to Eco-Friendly Programmatic Media Buying here

GARM Sustainability Action Guide to Reduce Media Greenhouse Gas Emissions (June 2023) here

Watch back the recording of this important practical webinar to aid sustainable decision-making around digital advertising below.