Third Party Cookie Deprecation – Time for Action!


The phasing out of third party cookies has begun and complete deprecation is now fast approaching.
The Irish digital ad industry cannot put off addressing the significant impact of deprecation and identifying solutions.

Publishers, agencies and advertisers across the larger EU markets are actively testing, sharing feedback with Privacy Sandbox. IAB Ireland’s recent webinar with Tony Katsur, CEO IAB Tech Lab and Gaby Jenkins, Partner Manager, Privacy Sandbox Partnerships focused on Tech Lab’s analysis of Privacy Sandbox as well as Sandbox resources to assist companies in their preparation for deprecation. 

There is no silver bullet or one catch all solution so it is essential that companies can answer the following questions:

1. What data partners are collecting directly/indirectly?
2. How it is collected?- Identify the on device technologies that are being used by partners.
3. What data is exchanged between advertiser and partner and can audiences be matched/linked using 2 sets of data?
4. What lawful basis is the partner relying on for personal data processing?
5. How is consent obtained and who is responsible for obtaining it?

It is also essential that you familiarise yourselves with the 3 potential solutions:

1. Linked audiences – uses user-provided data like email address or name or address to link publisher and advertiser audiences – this replicates cookie-like functionality – universal or unified ID solutions.
2. Unlinked audiences – no data is exchanged between publishers, advertisers or at any part in the process – Contextual targeting.
3. Browser or operating system linked audiences – ability to target and measure audiences on 1:many rather than 1:1 basis – grouped and anonymised.

IAB Ireland like all the IAB chapters will continue to share relevant Privacy Sandbox updates and testing learnings.

Useful Resources:

About Privacy Sandbox: Check out this very useful overview from IAB Europe – explaining the various terminology and sharing links for testing and feedback.

This opinion piece by James Chandler, Chief Marketing Officer, IAB UK is a useful call to action to share with your teams and business leaders to ensure that your company embraces this challenge and has an actionable deprecation strategy in place.

A Google Privacy Sandbox Resource for understanding third party cookie dependencies which may include advertising, but other use cases as well such as embedding videos, logging in to name a few, and helping sites to prepare for third party cookie deprecation can be found here.  This resource can be used to identify what third party cookies are being set, and by whom, and for what purpose.  The instructions in this resource outline how to test sites to understand how critical user journeys might be impacted by third party cookie deprecation.

15 February 2024 – The Privacy Sandbox team issued a response to the IAB Tech Lab Report. A summary of the Privacy Sandbox response is available here. The full 35-page response is here