IAB Europe’s Guide to Attention


Joan Hallinan, Media Experience Director, Havas Media Ireland and Co-chair of IAB Ireland’s Advertising Effectiveness Council

Attention has been a prominent subject in the marketing industry for quite some time.

Irish advertisers, agencies, and IAB Ireland have taken a leading role in researching the significance and impacts of measuring, reporting, and analysing Attention across different channels and formats within the digital marketing ecosystem.

Attention stands as a crucial metric; without it, advertising impact is non-existent. In an era dominated by distractions, capturing Attention proves to be the most challenging yet pivotal aspect of advertising. Without people’s focus, all other elements in advertising become irrelevant.

Multiple studies conducted highlight that Attention plays a crucial role in fostering recall, enhancing mental availability, and ultimately influencing brand choice and is a key driver for Brand growth. For marketing efforts to be effective, they need to be memorable in order to elevate the mental availability of a brand. The connection between visual attention and memory is evident, with attention playing a substantial role in brand retention.

Acknowledged as a precursor or gatekeeper to other mental processes (Rossiter and Percy, 2017), Attention in advertising serves as the key to unlocking and shaping viewers’ memory structures. Consequently, advertising must draw ample attention to unlock the gateway and impact the memory structures of viewers.

IAB Ireland is pleased to present the IAB Europe Guide to Attention in Digital Marketing. This resource serves as a valuable tool for Irish advertisers and brands, offering insights into essential aspects of Attention. Emphasizing the significance of Attention, the guide covers
available tools for measurement, their use cases, and optimal strategies for integrating Attention into digital advertising campaigns.

IAB Ireland other resources on Attention include:

  • Research to measure attention on Irish Publisher sites – in partnership with Lumen Research
  • National Lottery work and research on Attention presented at IAB Connect H2 2021 and H1 2022